Constant on switches like Honeycomb Alpha etc

This still seems to be a thing.
Whenever there is a constant on type of toggle switch that is bound, other knobs etc do high increments.
If you bind the Honeycomb yoke switches at all, it does a key repeater. Which should normally be fine… the sim SHOULD just keep reading that single bind as being on (like beacon) and keep setting the beacon switch in the virtual cockpit to on.
But instead, MSFS uses the key repeat to affect all bindings, so if I hit heading up or down, instead of a single increment, it reads 10 presses and increases the increment 10 degrees.
Pretty frustrating. Beacon On key-repeat should only affect the beacon, not everything else.

Ya there are work arounds with FSUIPC, but really… we should not have to resort to that.
And sure, I could turn off the alpha toggle bindings, but this isn’t a problem with just Honeycomb, anything that uses a toggle/repeater will produce this problem.

Please for the love of gawd fix this.

In the last developer Q&A one of the hosts said its already fixed and that fix will come with the next update … but TBH i believe that only when i see it working with my own eyes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Oh fantastic :slight_smile: This is the first I heard that they even acknowledged it.
Thanks for updating me !

I am having a hell of a time finding the development roadmap with lists of things fixed and pending. What few links I found look like broken or malformed webpages. I see all these pretty reddit screenshots posted but can’t find the source.

Did they specify the next world update (Feb) or did they mean the next sim update (March)?

Are there posted notes or anything from that developer Q&A? Is there a schedule posted for these Q&As? How do people tune in and all that when it happens?

We will see if this indeed gets fixed but I doubt it as the “fix” will most likely break many other things lol

I have actually no idea … wich update they meant with „next“ :face_with_monocle:
But this Thread states its in the video at 1:19

I don’t think he clarified whether that was a sim update or world update.

thats why i said i will believe it only, when i see it working correctly … :wink:

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