Constant Strobing Weather Since Update

Did three flights earlier today with no problems. After the update this afternoon any weather causes massive strobing in the sky. If there’s precipitation the entire screen strobes. This strobing also ghosts once the camera moves, so then I end up with two window shaped patches of sky that flash and are always on top. If I start with completely clear skies it seems to be okay.

Things I’ve done already: tried both the newest NVIDIA driver and the last version. No change. Tried to isolate to a specific setting. No dice. Occasionally the graphics “reload” when you change an in game setting will halt the flashing for a minute or two, but it’s just the reload, not a specific setting that seems to be doing it, and it’s random whether it will change it at all. I’ve updated to Windows 10 build 2004 from 1909, same problem. Anyone else experiencing anything like this?

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