Construction cranes?

I applaud Asobo for adding communication towers recently, although not sure when this happened. However, I also notice a sudden explosion of construction cranes. I first noticed this last night in the English midlands, where cranes seem to have replaced electricity pylons in some (not all) locations. Cranes also abound in Coventry. Anyone else seeing this of late? All English addons were deactivated for my testing of it this morning.

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I’ve seen quite a few of those. I’m not sure how many models of them they have, but last time I flew over London they were interspersed with the PG ones. They really should replace all the PG ones with these.

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The thing is, I’m seeing these in the middle of fields across the English midlands. I will continue to deactivate numerous add-ons, and also object libraries just in case it is a third party issue.

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