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Looks like a screen tearing issue.

  1. Check your hdmi connection/cable (you might need to replace your hdmi cable)
  2. Check your VSync settings
  3. Try limiting your max FPS
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I’m personally a little tired of the rainbows in FS. WAY overdone and you are correct, far too perfect and fake.

Be nice to have the ability to turn them (and a lot of other ‘effects’) off.

But hey… after all these years I have discovered that choice is NOT something MS likes to offer customers :anguished:

Hello: I have the same problem. It is not from the screen or the cable; I think it is from the update. Light controls not working, ATC altitude fatal.
I hope they solve it, as soon as possible

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I have noticed that AI houses in most of the cities that I have flown (Brazil - Rio , São Paulo) after SU5 do not have roof (ULTRA SETTINGS). They are simple looking rectangular prism with no roof.

I am not sure how they looked before SU5 because I have no screenshot to compare but my feeling is that AI buildings/houses look kind of flat and not so 3d looking in some cities in SU5. I’m not sure if it is due to the shape or maybe due to different colour/contrast/shading.

Has anyone else noticed any difference regarding AI houses shape prior and after SU5?

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This is one of the undocumented “features” delivered in SU5. What it is really saying is that if you are not using Multiplayer, then you are disconnected from all of the Multiplayer servers. You are still connected to the MSFS servers for non-multiplayers. And the ability to change servers is only if you are using Multiplayer.

When I first saw this after SU5, I didn’t know anything about it. I just assumed the servers were overloaded and restricting users. I exited figuring I couldn’t use MSFS. The next day the same message appeared. So I exited again. The same message showed up on the third day. If the servers were unavailable for three days, the forum would be filled with messages. I ignored the message and went ahead with my flying. Asobo needs to document these new “features” so users aren’t wasting time waiting for servers.


Regarding the ‘Right Click’ to look issue, there is a workaround

[BUG LOGGED] Freelook with mouse causes controls to freeze after SU5 - Bugs & Issues / Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

have you checked it is not the ULTRA bug? When you start your flight, hit ESC, change your graphic options to LOW, then save, then change to ULTRA, then save. I have been doing that (it was in this thread I think) and that has fixed my boxy buildings. But you have to do it every flight, ULTRA for buildings is not persistent. :frowning:

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Yes, they are very basic now, recarding what ever your graphics settings are, thats propably the settings not saving properly bug.


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So we dont know if the devs know about it? … it is a tricky one to raise a ticket on without submitting a video I guess…

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Thank you for finding this issue and posting it here in the forums. I think you have discovered something very important, something worth investigating further.

It seems like it doesn’t matter what settings are configured as it uses its own settings as shown by you exiting to the main menu and starting a new flight. There is no settings persistence INTERNALLY. The ULTRA settings configuration is still displayed in the OPTIONS section. We ASSUME MSFS uses the settings displayed in the OPTIONS and/or in UserCfg.opt.

The timing is very important. MSFS reads the graphics settings in UserCfg.opt and fills in the OPTIONS screen. When flying starts, MSFS should take the parameters in OPTIONS to create the frames while flying. But for some reason it doesn’t. It uses its own internal settings to generate the frames. When the flight ends and the user verifies the options before exiting. ULTRA settings haven’t changed. Whatever settings are used during flight are not changed in OPTIONS or UserCfg.opt.

Changing the settings while flying is the key because it bypasses whatever changes are being made internally between the World Map and flying.

The ramifications are HUGE if this is true. It could mean that EVERYONE is using the same graphics parameters as everyone else. If the internal graphic settings are being inserted into the flight, is this what is making the “dramatic” performance improvements? And the “downgraded” scenery?

Is every user impacted? Every aircraft? Every location? Add-ons too?

Edit: Correlation is NOT causation but I wonder about the increase in CTDs….

Nope. I’ve tested this and my settings stay ultra between sessions. So this bug does at least not affect everybody.
The only other argument one could use (and I think that many others would agree) is that ultra in SU5 looks less ultra than before.


Hi, just to clarify attribution, I did not discover this issue, the person who made that video did, which I discovered by reading these forums.

I merely passed it on to assist others. Hope it helped someone.

Has anyone confirmed it the Ultra bug applies to VR? Unfortunately there aren’t any rendering defaults so resetting is back to default and then customising it again would be a pain.

Yep!! That did it! How annoying! Thanks!!

It was the ultra bug! Now they look normal again. I do feel that there are some buildings that look very simple…

I seen these kind of rainbow long before and its not related to Su5…
( depends on field of view )

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I wanna simulate using my mouse to look around without it locks my controls (as it does now). I thought it would be a simple issue/bug that would be solved with the hotfix, but it was not fixed yet.
I also have seen trees foliage disapearing when I get close. Maybe the leaves uses the same computacional logic to give volume at trees as used to the clouds, and the trees behave like clouds, “evaporating”.

Even close up level of detail is now very poor. Flying over London and Tokyo, nothing in medium distance, but closer up the building definition is very poor…its only when you get over the building it draws properly. Also using my right mouse button to freelook in the cockpit cause the primary flight controls to freeze up. Even after this most recent hotfix it is still a major downgrade. Very disappointed. I have a high end PC spec bought just for this sim, nothing in the community folder, no meddling with config files etc. It now feels like a waste of money. Disaster snatched from the jaws of victory.


Thank you very much for your answer.
It leaves me calmer.

I’m having this same problem in addition to the low quality.

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