Contact forum moderator

Is there a way to contact a forum moderator. I used a term in a post that was considered out of order when in fact I learned first in the United States Air Force, and I want to explain that it is not what you would think it means. Please advise.

Click the three dots under your post.

Then flag your post selecting other as the reason. Type your description of why you think it needs their attention.

Hi @Guano458,
You can do what @willisxdc wrote above or send a private message to @moderators.

Great idea. Stupid software wouldn’t let me write

“Fuel cock”

the last time I tried!

EDIT: Still won’t and I’m not gonna compromise a legitimate term and write “fuel kock” instead.

EDIT EDIT It’s now fixed! Thanks Mod!

Forum word filters are tricky to manage… For a while we could not describe the function of a vacuum cleaner without being censored. Leaf blowers same issue. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Funniest word filter this forum has is ‘fárt’. (without the accented ‘a’ of course)