Content Manager Updates!

I Get a Notification that , Updates are available in my Content Manager , but when i check there are No Updates !!

My guess is that you already got the updates but didn’t spot the notification. I don’t think they cancel themselves, even if you do what they’re trying to tell you. I could be wrong, if so, I have no idea what else it could be.

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This notification tells you that you have successfully downloaded the content manager update

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I get the message from time to time !
Yesterday i Updated six mods and the Notification was gone after finishing my update .
When i restarted my msfs the Notification was still there …
Today is Not !
Something very weird is happening !!

The notification will not disappear automatically.
You must manually click on the notification and then close it.
Otherwise, the notification will stay there.

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This is what i do and it keeps appearing !!