Content.xml again old vs new

I know there are some threads about the content.xml, but these are not answering my questions as far as i did not find a answer.

So first, i am running now and have the old content.xml.

Yesterday i installed 2 Sceneries via ORBX Installer. But the new Sceneries was not added to the content.xml, but they work.
Is the Content.xml still read when i start the sim or not ?

In game we have now the new Scenery sorting tool, which should create a new content.xml with the new style. I got a tip here in the Forum that i have to move ONE entrie to another position and then a new content.xml should be created.
Yes, but in the new one was only the entrie i moved and all other are missing.
So how can i create a COMPLETE new content.xml ??

What if the new SU10 is finally released ?
At the first start, will the new content.xml be generated ?

What about installed Airplanes ?
Should they also have a enrie in the content.xml ?


Hi Matthias,
there is no content file necessary from SU10 on. So no one will be created and the old one will be deleted.

Every scenery package will be loading during the startup, in alphabetical order, which are included in the community folder.

You ONLY need a content file, when you want to priorize the loading order by your own. Under normal conditions you don’t need the content file anymore.

aircraft have and had nothing todo with the content file.


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thenkas a lot for the fast answer !!

OK, but as far as i read “anywhere”, the navdata files need to be loaded in a special order … no ?

Also you wrote the Aircraft has nothing to do with the content file or order.
But the question was if the HAVE TO BE in the content file or not ?

When i need a special order for the contents to be loaded, have then all other contents also to be in the content file or only the ones which should be loaded in a special order ?


Right, we have updated our Navigraph Navdata Center, which is necessary to update the navdata (MSFS stock data and all MSFS addons).

This tool (as in the past too) makes sure that all our data will be loaded correctly and also every time in the correct order.

The new updated version will be released as soon as SU10 is out because it’s not upwards compatible, therefore we hold this update at the moment.


PS: no aircraft were not and are still not part of the content file

PPS: the new content file contains ONLY the packages which needs a special order. All other (not included in the content file) will be loaded automatically - thats the great difference between SU9 and SU10


OK…so far so good.

Now, the entry for navdata “navigraph-navdata” must be the very last in the order.
It begins with a “n”.
If i now have a content.xml file in the new style and sort “navigraph-navdata” at the very bottom, but lets say i have a scenery folder which starts with “p” ( as example ) .
If i understand the logic you describet above, the scenery starting with “p” is loaded AFTER the navdata entry, because in the alphabetic order it is after “n”, even if the navdata has a entry in the new content file…no ?
I am still a bit confused about that ordering…sorry

Please explain your need for this question?

Because as I wrote, you don´t need the content file any longer excluding, when you want to “overwrite” some information from one other package. So the content file is really a special feature in a really special situation. So, what want to do exactly?


since your in the beta you can literally Delete the content.xml file

it is no longer in use, the scenery order/priorty is now stored elsewhere (im not certain where but suspect its part of our online profile they just moved to the server?)
you now adjust the order ingame using the new Dev Mode → Windows-> “Scenery package order” system

It’s not stored elsewhere, it’s directly in the sim. The rule is:

  1. Load all packages from the community-folder in alphabetical order
  2. When a content file exist, load these packages which are include in the content file, according the priority number after #1

Thats exactly the reason, why you normally don’t need a content file because the whole packages will be loaded automatically thru the sim.

A content file is only necessary in special cases.

Hope that helps

thats how it works currently, it will change when wu10 comes out from my understanding

“A new package ordering system is also available on PC via the Experimental option menu in game.”

they also discussed this on 1 of the Dev Videos (quote “doing away with the content.xml”), i currently have No content.xml in my installation, if you delete it in beta it stays gone (unlike previously where it was recreated automatically)
i have no idea if it will still ‘overwrite’ the ‘ingame’ data (or w/e it is) or not, but i am fairly sure it IS changing how its used (or not being used?)

Hope that helps

I think in future it will all be done using metadata holding a fixed date of installation/production rather than the usual last accessed etc. There’s bound to be chaos at first and a lot of old FSX mods will fall by the wayside but IMO eventually mod conflicts should become a thing of the past. A mod will simply work or not and not just some bits of it.

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No, this is how it works with SU10 … Currently, the priorization is the position in the content file. With SU10 you can set the prio via a own attribut in the new content file, independet of the line where you add the package.

Further, currently you need the content file because it tells the sim which packages will be loaded when. With SU10 you don’t need the content file because all packages will be loaded from the sim automatically.

… and thats what I have explained above.

As reference from the MSFS developer forum - posted from an Asobo employee:



do you have any idea where that “new content file” is located?

and btw, isnt that kinda what i said here?

maybe im not using the correct terms but i suspect we are both describing a similar scenerio
my apologies i was not trying to ‘correct you’ i was just explaining how the OP could adjust his priority Now in the Beta since he states the beta version
i was ‘trying’ to explaining this …

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On the same place as now …

No problem - I hadn´t understood that you will “correct me” but I want avoid more confusions.

The OP topic was a typical case for SU10 - all packages will be loaded automatically during the startup (VFS order = alphabetical order). No content-file is needed - the scenery will be loaded automatically.

Therefore, I mean that most of the user doesn´t use this content-file and also they don´t need any knowledge about this. In the future, I see this more at the 3rd party designer to add their sceneries in this file, when necessary.

But anyway - again, sorry when you had the feeling, that you “correct me” - I don´t want to give you the feeling.


where is the new content.xml ? it was a handy tool to enable or disable stuff without the need to delete from the content manager. now seems like totally gone or hidden elsewhere ?

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Same question here.
I have scenery from third party just like YSSY, LOWI…
Before SU10, I can de-activate the default one, and instead with third party one. But now how to do that?


now the only solution is to delete them from the content manager and repeat this deleting after every wu / cu / su. it thus became way more cumbersome to manage the scenery.

the devs however bring a new content list accessible in dev mode but it is, in its current shape, nothing but a primitive scenery list with no functionalities that we had with content.xml

As there is a wish on this, please use this topic:

To Note:
Information about the changes made to contenxt.xml on the dev support forum:
Changes on content.xml behavior - MSFS DevSupport
There is no need to edit the .xml file directly: a tool is available in the Experimental section of the menu.