Continious flying

Will we be able to hop in our planes and it will remember
Where we left off
How much fuel we had
and the state of the plane … you know like real life?

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That’s what I’m hoping as well, I want it to be like the Challenger 650 addon in X-plane where you return to the latest state where you left the plane. If the doors are closed or open, the pins, cabin curtains etc etc. I hope that we will be able to spawn outside the plane when loading in

Hi @meh1951
The state of an aircraft (and also how a saved flight will function) and what differences there are (if any) compared to MSFS 2020 are not known at this point, AFAIK.

More information about the Sim will be released over the coming months, with (hopefully) a lot during and after FSExpo at the end of this month.

I could see this possibly working on all MS/Asobo aircraft however 3rd party devs often have different solutions to include features and may need a rewrite. Much stuff will be generic however MS obviously can’t keep abreast of every mod out there so I would expect a high failure rate amongst any previously released aircraft.

It would be good if there were the facility to select something along the lines of “Complex Aircraft Management”, to include a saved state for all airplane system parameters, parking location, damage etc. To my mind it is a worthwhile expansion to the options we have already, which while welcome are rather limited.

I think it was FSX. You saved a flight with a spacific name I believe it was Default and it would load direcltly in to that flight.
It worked like a top…might have been FS2000.

For sure but life was much simpler then and devs were all singing off the same hymnsheet, now we have some 3rd party creations with their own, often unique subsystems. We also have live weather and traffic, there’s no way MS can replicate more than a snapshot without then resorting to presets.