Continuing Bushtrips

I’ve successfully flewn the first three legs of the Nevada Bushtrip In my AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES\NEVADA_SAVE folder I have 4 subfolders: AUTOSAVE, NEVADA_SAVE, NEVADA_SAVE_0001 and NEVADA_SAVE_0002.
Whenever I try to continue this bushtrip, I am asked to start from scratch.
Loading .flt in the above folders files does not work.
Am I supposed to fly all legs in one session ? Can’t believe that.
How to continue the bushtrips ?
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At the completion each leg did you get a message saying “Leg Completed” ? If you complete a leg and stop flying, when you enter the Bush Trip next time, it should automatically send you on your next leg.

To complete a leg, bring the aircraft to a full stop on the runway at the end of your leg.

Yes, Leg completed messages appeared (besides the last one where I put the plane one its nose/spnner) while breaking

Interesting: Found a solution - restart the simulator …
Looks like - at least for me - if you end the bushtrip you will be put to beginning. Restaring the sim puts you at the right leg.
Maybe a minor bug that will be fixed some time

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Funny enough, the same happened to me while landing on the 4th airport. Braked too hard and tipped over the nose. I couldn’t try again from the menu because it wanted me to start over but I can confirm that after restarting the sim I could continue from where I last succesfully landet.

What’s up with the breaking though on that airport I don’t know, didn’t have the problem before.

The workaround is quite simple. Look closely at the whole bushtrip log. You’ll see 2 things:

  1. The next leg of your trip, which you haven’t done yet, is marked as completed
  2. The ACTIVE leg of your trip, which you get if you hit the “Start From Here” button, is the 1st leg.

To fix this, just click on the next leg (which is marked as complete). You will then get a “Restart From Here” button. Hit that, and continue no problem.

This is a known issue. Zendesk recently marked it as “solved” so hopefully this won’t happen after a patch or 2 down the road.

I am not able to find olancha strip , airstrip for 2nd leg in this Nevada bush… can you please help me out … thanks

I can give you some general guidance I feel important after (almost) completing the Nevada bushtrips (2 legs to go). I am a private pilot (owning a PPL-A) but - sorry to say that - the beginning is easy, there are some tough ones to come for you.

  • Fly as much as possible with an external view (e.g. after taking of, switch to external). I think with cockpit view only I would have not found some dirt strips
  • Fly rather high, not low. FS states 1k ft AGL, some more don’t hurt. Rationale: Get an overview.
  • Identify(!) landmarks. Roads, Rivers, trainlines, crossroads. Knowing were you are is key(!). Read the instructions carefully
  • Fly exact(!) heading after identifying your landmark + use the stopwatch. Fly appropriate airspeed (don’t know exactly -75kn ? “almost yellow” arc)
  • If all fails, use (e.g. on another device) bing maps or google maps to get an overview over the area. This is not the key, but may help.
    Good luck and always happy landings !

I tend to trim the plane to 175km/h and then just play with power as I feel to either just cruise at 1000-2000ft AGL, climb on top of mountains if there are some around, or descend to tree level and have fun doing some fast-ish low flight if there are some canyons/water/roads. I’m at 80-100% power most of the time, but hey it’s not like I’m paying for fuel :smiley:

I only use external view to take some shots and avoid using it to see where I am.

Was more concerned than I should have been on the first 2 legs, then tended to more look at a map before the flight and take my own reference points then only loosely follow the navlog. Will see how it goes on the later legs.

I wish there was a little more towards briefing, e.g. the runway headings and a more detailed map before the start of the mission so we wouldn’t have to go look at the info somewhere else. The VFR map is a bit of a joke too…