Contrails graphics are strange

I wanted to see the contrails with the A32NX from FBW (Dev version from 9 march 2021)
But these are strange in the distance:

Image 1

Image 2:

So, where is the problem here?

Sim version is



the developer of the mod can possible help you :wink:

Dixit FBW, the mod does not manage contrails.


Since the new introduction of the contrails, they are not working well. I have a black part at the end.
A screenshot is better than a long description :

I’m using a RX 6800XT.

Thanks for you reply !

No problem here, I have only tested the 787

Your airport enhancement mod needs to be updated, there is a conflict with that and the contrails

and no problem with A320

What airport enhancement mod are you talking about?

Ok. I removed zinertek Airport Enhanced Graphics and the problem is gone.
Problem solved.

And there shouldn’t be any angle between airplane and contrail, wind affects both in the same way.

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Wait… you guys have contrails?

I don’t. I mean, real close to the aircraft I see them, but I don’t have a trail like I should. I’m in 4k and settings are med to med-high.

EDIT Got 'em today… apparently I wasn’t looking for them previously.

BUT the angles of them (as previously mentioned) are all bad… Should be an easy fix, though…

I’ve got this issue too. But mine are black contrails and at the far side, looks like it’s all balled up. It’s like burning to much oil.

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