How can I increase the contrast of the background.?
I see it as very whitish.

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Some help, please

This is another example of the problem.
Please help me

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try hdr off, bloom off.
and try to run with gamma at 0.8

A better option for you might be to disable Tone Mapping. I don’t have any before-and-after screenshots to share with you at the moment, but it should do exactly what you want.

To do this, open UserCfg.opt located at C:\Users\YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator with something like Notepad.

Here, somewhere near the middle, you will find:

Enabled 1
EyeAdaptation 1
ColorGrading 1
Sharpen 1
Fringe 1
LensDistortion 1
Dirt 1
LensFlare 1
FilmGrain 1
Vignette 1
LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000
FringeMultiplier 1.000000

Close the game, and change the following:

ColorGrading 1


ColorGrading 0

and save the file. Then launch the game again.

Colors will now be more ‘neutral’, and everything should be equally visible at all times. However, a downside might be that some of the cinematic/dramatic look of the game is lost.

NOTE: The ‘PostProcess’ block shown above appears twice in this file. Once somewhere near the middle, and once somewhere near the bottom. Changing the one near the bottom will not do anything for you, since this will apply to VR mode only.

Thanks to both. solve it by varying to 0.8 the gamma.

Francisco Mateos

I correct myself, gamma is not the solution.
Now I am trying to apply the solution provided by OneLemonArmy.
I find the UserCfg.opt file in C:\Users\f_mat\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache
and in

The procedure I follow is as follows.
I start the simulator.
I open both files.
I modify them.
I close them.
Stop the simulator.
Start it again.

Then I see that it puts back a 1 in the ColorGrading and the problem is not solved

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Francisco Mateos

What many do is to set the file to Read-Only to prevent MSFS from changing the config file - this naturally means that any change to the graphical settings that you make in-game will not be saved.

If you have an Nvidia card you can use the freestyle post processing filters from the geforce experience app.
If you haven’t got that installed yet, make sure you turn off the auto game optimisation setting first though.

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Edit the files BEFORE starting the simulator, that way they should stick, nothing should be being changed while the sim is running.

Thaks a lot

I don’t know how to do this.
I have installed the app.

Thans a lot

Did you manage to get the freestyle filters working?
If not I can post some instructions.

I would very much appreciate your help.

Francisco Mateos

Will do tomorrow, time for bed here now :sleeping:

Start the Nvidia experience app and click on the setting icon as shown in red.

Tick the box to enable experimental features, it may do a small update here if required.

From the Games and Apps section make sure Automatically optimise newly added games is Not Ticked.

Now just close the Geforce Experience program and start up your sim using your usual icon.

Get your plane on a runway of your choice and press Alt + F3 to bring up the freestyle filters option. Now you need to add the filters you want to adjust.

I add the Colour, detail and brightness/contrast filters.

When you add the colour filter your screen will go a shade of magenta, dont worry about this, you just need to change the top two sliders in the colour section to the left. I then use the vibrance filter to increase the saturation to suit my monitor & eyes.

For tweaking the various settings available in the Freestyle filters I recommend setting the weather to Scattered clouds and sometime around 15:00 for the time.

You can adjust it at anytime or weather you like, I’m just suggesting this as I find if I set the filters on a clear day and it looks good to my eyes it’s often leaves the clouds looking over bright.

Have a play around with these settings to see if you can get the visuals improved to your preference.

You can easily remove any filters if you don’t like them.

Just be aware when the sim is updated you may have to reset the filters again so make a note of your settings.

Ignore the fact that my picture from the cockpit looks overexposed it’s just my screen capture not liking my HDR monitor

Thanks a lot. It is excellent for me.

Francisco Mateos