Control Options screen is a mess since SU5


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The ControlOptions screen is a mess of bugs since SU5

  1. Assigned/All/Essentials switches works randomly, it shows assigned controls after switching back and forth multiple types.

  2. Not highlighting the assigned controls, when I press a button on my controller, only axis-s can be seen working thank god!
    On PC the Go Back, Apply and Save, Preset Manager, buttons it shows a self assigned controller button, which not only makes the layout ugly but, pushing that button in the assignments screen, simply goes back for examle instead of highlighting the option.

  3. If you have some 5+ profile as I have for my TCA Throttle Quadrant Airbus Edition, switching between profiles by cycling through them is very cumbersome to say the least, a direct selection drop down would be much better and quicker.
    The bigger problem is that, loading profiles takes ages on some profile, from 5sec to 1.5 minutes!!!, I’m glazing to that pretty loading progress and pull my hair out one by one.

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Open controller assignments, switch All/Assigned/Essential buttons, see the table on the right.
Cycle through controller profiles.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:
TCA Throttle Quadrant Airbus Edition, throttle and stick
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since SU5

Agreed. The whole input control config is pretty janky and cumbersome from day 1. Designed by somebody that has never played any other sim?

Including my keys and mouse i have a scrolling list of 9 active input devices.
Only the keyboard and mouse get pretty pictures.
But that’s fine. I don’t need pretty pictures to map my controllers, just a workable and well designed interface. This isn’t.

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Another brainfart is the Mouse binding dialog, which resizes after binding mouse movement if the specific bindnig has already bound and an error message resizes the window, resulting you have to move the MOUSE to stay in the start scanning area!!! This is ■■■■ of an UX and very annoying.

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NONE of my sticks are showing up now, only mouse and keyboard load

i have honeycomb A/B, rudder pedals, and another joystick connected, windows sees them. Now the sim isn’t

i noticed it after i deleted the IP lines added to the system32 hosts file by the google maps modder that was causing the connection issues (unsure if related)