Control profiles for bravo TQ keep getting changed

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Controls profiles keep changing overwriting each other.

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Not yet, curious if anyone else is having such an issue.

The issue I’m having started after WU4. I have several profiles for the HC Bravo TQ and they are, in order, Complex Twin, Complex single, simple single, 4 engine jet, 2 engine jet and then TBM 930.

Immediately after the last world update (other than this, no complaints, great update) all of my profiles wound up having the settings for complex twin. I re-did them and it wasn’t a big deal, but now today I went to fly a tbm and it has the complex twin settings again… I am not sure why complex twin seems to be overwriting all my other profiles.

Having the same issue over and over again with my Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, I have several profiles for each, and they are all the time overwriting themselves.

I have to remap all the controls every single time that I change from 1 Engine to 2 Engine to jet …

Hope this gets fixed soon…

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I reported this issue months ago to Zendesk. I gave up waiting and went with Way more options for controls and so far (knock knock) all my assignments load up perfectly.

I have been having in mind for quite some time. And maybe it’s the time to go for it. Because it is just frustrating that after taking a lot of time to get all the controls as I want ,when you want to switch profile they’re all gone.

I started noticing this issue this past week, but I received my Bravo 10 days ago, so… Have you been having this issue for this long?? I am in Honeycomb users group and never seen anybody complaint about it before…

I had the Alpha for months before the Bravo, which I’ve had since it came out. The issue only started when I started using the Bravo. There is some conflict that causes FS to re-write the profiles. Your frustration is exactly how I felt. I would spend hours assigning different aircraft exactly how I wanted it–all to be erased randomly. So, I researched external mapping programs and settled on Spad. Bit of a learning curve but once I got the hang of it, it’s awesome. I now have full control of the FBW320 autopilot controls (push/pull switches for ALT, SPD, HDG) and full control of the CRJ which uses LVAR commands for certain switches. But the best part—no more loss of assignments! All I need to do is physically switch the levers to the correct places when I fly different aircraft.

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OK I just bought it hehe, indeed it is going to take a while to create the profiles, the software is not so intuitive as the in game mapping.

Thanks for the explanation!

If you need any help, let me know. Also, Spad’s discord is very helpful.

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There is a bug with input profile management in MSFS, which is not specific to the Honeycomb devices, where sometimes if you click the left and right arrow buttons to switch profiles, but have not yet clicked on the column itself to select that device+profile, it ends up overwriting profile configuration.

This has been there as long as I’ve been actively using the sim, since November 2020.

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I’ve only noticed it since the most recent update, but it sounds like others had seen it before. Vibstronium’s comment that it happens if you click the arrows before the columns sounds easy enough to avoid so I’m gonna keep an eye on that and see if I can get by a little while longer before giving in to

A small gripe, but you have to be patient scrolling through profiles. My setup takes about a full second to switch from one profile to another. If you have half a dozen profiles to scroll through, it’s a little taxing not to rush the process.

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Yea my profiles keep getting mixed up with each other. I setup CJ4 controls, then later switched to a Single Complex, and when I changed back to the CJ4 profile, it was setup the same as my Single Complex profile.
Happens almost every time I switch to a different plane.

This is good to know if that is the problem. I have had to re-do profiles countless times. The overwriting happened again today when I made changes to the single engine profile on the Thrustmaster A320 Quadrant and it set piston stuff on my jets and turboprops. I even swore!

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