Controller Axis Saturation Slider

I don’t know if I am the only one but I find the current curves in the controller settings to not be smooth enough and they feel more like angles rather than a curve. For example on the pitch axis to start with it’s nice a controllable but as soon as you get to a certain point it suddenly jumps rather than smoothly accelerating through the curve. This combined with the overly sensitive controls can make flying jerky and not as enjoyable, especially when trying to fly precisely on take off or during an ILS approach for example.

I would like to see a saturation slider in the controller sensitivities options like DCS has. This will allow users to to essential dial back the maximum range of control authority on the aircraft to the their liking, and allow greater control of the aircraft whilst maintaining a more linear curve, reducing the jerky effect.

For example, If set my pitch saturation to 50% and move my yoke/joystick 100% aft, the maximum control deflection on the elevator is 50% of it’s maximum range of motion. This essentially gives me 2x the control over the elevator, allowing me to have less of a curve and a smoother, more linear, and more controllable input.