Controller configuration keeps getting reset

i would really like to enjoy this game, but i can’t if there is a 50% chance at each lauch of the program that all my keybindings are reset to default (uncluding those of named custom presets).

i’m spending way too much time setting up my controller every day. that’s time of my life i am not getting back and i am not being paid for.


Yep having same problem


When you first create a new profile and setup your bindings, are these new profiles gone after a restart?

Yeah, although sometimes they do save but most the time they reset.


some times, the new profile is still there, with the name i gave it, and the bindings i gave it.

But sometimes the profile is also still there, also with the name i gave it, but all the bindings in the profile are set to their defaults.

i noticed however that another profile (which wasn’t active the last time i quit the game) retained the bindings i gave it correctly.

i will now try creating/overwriting a duplicate of my preferred profile every time i make a change.

i hope that this will allow me to recreate the preferred profile by duplicating the duplicate the next time this happens.

i will monitor the situation and report. in the meantime, it would be nice if i could select profiles from a list, instead of having to cycle through them.


I set up the controls using my xbox one elite controller and it works great for a day and then when I start up the next day, the controls are reset. The controller profile is selected but the controls are all default again. This is the 3rd time this happened and I usually delete games that do this. War Thunder did this for years and years and I finally said my goodbye to that game because it just kept resetting my controls over and over. I hope this can get fixed soon, I wont be able to stand putting in the controls over and over for much longer.


Restart the game back to desktop and your custom controls will come back. Just DONT look at the controls before hand. Just restart the game back to desktop as soon as you see that they are back to default and your custom controls will come back on the second try. I think it fails to download the configuration or something on initial boot up of the game.


Have you connected the controller via bluetooth?

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Are you guys using wireless controllers like the Xbox one controller?
I find that if I turn on controller before starting MSFS, the keybindings work and set to what I have it configured in custom profile.

If I forget to turn the controller on before launching MSFS, the keybindings reset to default when eventually turning on the controller. Even though I set it to the correct profile.

Lets all send it as a bug report to zendesk.


Connected via microsoft wireless adapter.

i am using in home streaming (like steam remote play, parsec/ or rainway) to stay sitting in front of my linux machine to stream from my windows machine.

the streaming client forwards the gamepad as a xinput compatible gamepad to the windows host.

the procedure and result is probably the same as using a wireless controller and turning it on late.

making sure that the controller is on and recognized before i launch msfs is a workaround i can probably work with.

as for sending multiple bug reports on the same topic, i don’t know if that is a good idea.
As a software developer myself, i have sometimes received multiple tickets on the same issue and all it does is make bugs more difficult to triage. But it may be different for microsoft/Asobo

Yes the same for me. I reported to Zendesk, please do the same for visibility to the devs.

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Same for me, it’s really annoying


This was a common problem throughout the Alpha/Beta process.

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the bindings of the standard profile of my x52 pro are somehow completely blank and can’t be reset to standard. Aditionally, I can’t even reasign them properly anymore.

Furthermore my Keypad won’t be recognized anymore (speedling SL-6566) and lost it’s bindings too, so I’m left to play with keyboard and mouse.

Yep, I cant stand the inverted camera controls in External camera, but any controller change is forgotten on the next launch. Why there isn´t a simple “invert X/y” like in any other game is beyond me.


experiencing the same issue with a saitek yoke. In my case it even resets as soon as I leave the options screen after saving & going back.

Has anyone managed to resolve it?

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I restart the game and it works. Just DONT look at the controls before hand. Just restart the game as soon as you see that they are back to default and your custom controls will come back on the second try. I think it fails to download the configuration or something on initial boot up of the game.

I have set up custom mappings on my X Box controller to only control the drone camera and all other mappings deleted. Saved the custom profile as X Box_Drone. All works well at first but after some time playing MSFS 2020 I find that it automatically has deleted my custom X Box Drone profile and converted it back to the default mappings? Getting to be a real hassle having to always redo the mappings. Anyone else experiencing this type of issue ? Any idea on how to fix to keep the custom mappings permanent would be much appreciated.

Is your xbox controller wireless and if so, does it sometimes shutdown during a flight? I’ve had all sorts of issues with the ridiculous power-saver that cannot be turned off.

It is wireless and does occasionally shutdown in game but why should I lose my custom bindings for the drone camera is what bothers me !