Controller, Keyboard, or Flightstick?

Just to clear things up here, I got a flightstick, and the differnce betweeen co troller and the flightstick is HUGE, when your in a tight formation and want to hold it, you have to use a flight stick. Ik a couple guys that have a few months in the game and are pretty decent with controllers… but for your average person… flightstick is the way to go.

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You and I are VERY different people, Jim. I can’t imagine crippling the sim by not having at least a simple HOTAS and rudder setup.

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Agreed, to each his own. :wink::+1:


I think you’re talking to someone else. . . :wink:

I’m drooling over a decent rudder setup, but I can’t imagine flying with a gamepad - a decent joystick/HOTAS is an absolute requirement IMHO.

I use keyboard and mouse for operating the panel and some views, etc. All my aircraft have a custom seating position (reset is to Saved View 1 instead of default) and at least 5 other set positions ALT+ which are quick enough to reach without looking on the keyboard for the most part, raised view for taildraggers/passenger seats to toggle through/co pilot/close up avionics, etc.

For controlers:

TM HOTAS and pedals for heli. Set to full loose it’s very low fatigue for helis, plus the throttle kind of emulates a collective after a while.

TM Pedals(slaved through HOTAS off to the side) with the TBV1 for yoke aircraft, TB Flightstick for stick aircraft. Although the TB Flightstick is pretty stiff, so I mounted it to a small non-slip cutting board for stability. It’s way too stiff for helicopters.

I wanted to update to TB pedals mainly for more precise heli anti-torque but the stick isn’t good for it. So I use the toe brake pedal axis for tail on the TMRP as it’s much easier to modulate with no binding.

The HOTAS is good enough all by itself for the basics, for the helis the twist is sensitive enough on center to be usable without pedals. The throttle is a sloppy mess if not being managed at all times, like for collective-which works better than any of my other throttle sliders, but two rubber bands on the sides will hold position for aircraft.

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could you define “non-slip cutting board” or share a picture or something lol… bc i got the TB and i have the same problem and have been trying to figure out what to secure it to.

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Quick and dirty, found this at Aldi for like $4 to try. Simple countersink the screws on the bottom.

Could do this with different sizes for laptop use. Going to get a prettier black one but this works ace.


I gotchaaa, thanks alot for the picture… im definitely going to try this lol… thanks again

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I just bought the Velocity One flight stick. After that TM sidestick fiasco (plastic, rudder always issue junk), I wanted a sensorless hall axis stick. Hopefully this Velocity will deliver. :thinking:

well, so far so good for mine… just dont forget the vital cutting board lol

So Ive seen n’ heard on youtube.

I’ve had absolutley no issues flying with a gamepad, mouse n’ keyboard from day one. I prefer that. I only bought this Velocity One stick (as mentioned above) only for the Helicopters. Heli’s are no fun with a gamepad. :pensive:

although the TB velocity is great… i wish we had more HOTAS options… theres literally just the velocity (which isnt even technically a hotas) and the thrustmaster one… idk why no one else is making xbox compatible sticks…

Ya I wonder the same. Seems to be a monopoly on just a few brands. I wonder what the ratio is for PC users vs Xbox users. That would shed some light on this subject.

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yeah for sure

I don’t think that would tell the whole story. I’ve been saying for ages that a universal adapter that would allow any standard USB HID device to talk with the Xbox would solve this. I have to wonder why no such device exists and why the Xbox doesn’t just accept a standard USB HID. This can’t be by accident. The other big factor is that generally the PC user demographic have more money to spend on peripherals.

This is true cuz once you buy the Xbox there isn’t any upgrades to be had other than software or firmware updates etc. etc. With a PC there’s always something you want to upgrade. IMO, from my reading and Phil Spencer saying that the Xbox platform, both the X n’ the S, are the main stay right now, I think that Xbox, Asobo and MS are concentrating the functionality of the SIM more to the Xbox, If my forum readings are correct n’ accurate. It seems from what I’ve read countless times on the forum there are too many variances in the plethora of PC’s that use the SIM to have any kind of stability across the board so to speak. BUT (caveat here), I’ve read of many Xbox’s struggling with the SIM especially the X series in 4k. I’m back into all of this as life has changed for me work wise and free time wise (about time), so now I can really get into this thing and I read constantly all over the forum and educate myself. I even went and bought the Xbox S Carbon Black with the 1TB drive. My plan is to have 2020 on the S (which I already have done in 1440p only), and 2024 on the X when it comes out next year. I’m looking at Starfield by Bethesda games right now too , but only after the first year of release till they get the bugs out and its more stable than it is right now.

I find for helis the TB FS is too stiff and hard to hold position and use the hat. The HOTAS is so easy on the hands it’s cake to use the hat to look around and hold your turn. If you want to use the twist for torque it’s also very well modulated for gentile input. For flying the WACO or a warbird, the TB is miles better.

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The yoke TB make also works with the Xbox (and their excellent rudder pedals). But that’s it to the best of my knowledge.

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Quite right. Jim. I’m not sure what happened there! :dizzy_face:

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