Controller Mapping Bug - Rudder and Throttle

I’m using an Xbox controller and trying to set up dual analog stick controls similar to how most combat flight sims / flying in battlefield games configure.

Left stick Up/Down: Throttle
Left Stick Left/Right: Rudder

Right Stick Up/Down: Pitch
Right Stick Left/Right: Roll

Currently, everything mapped to the left stick completely bugs out. The rudder will lock full left, full right and randomly switch back and forth. Throttle does the same. So for the time being, running rudder with the left and right triggers and A / B for throttle. But using right stick for pitch and roll makes A and B really tough to modulate the throttle for landing. Does anyone else experience this issue?

I would be interested to see you fly an A320 with an Xbox controller.

I’m mostly just flying single props, really enjoying it!

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If they are analog controls then they must be assigned to analog inputs…eg

Elevator to Elevator Axis not Elevator Up or Down

Yes, that is how I have my right stick assigned. The issue arises when I assign the rudder to the L stick or the throttle to the L stick.

Here’s two videos showing the issue. The first, you can see my attempt to take off without touching the left stick assigned to the rudder or throttle at all. Throttle goes full right, full left and goes all over the place and throttle keeps going back to full after bringing it down to idle.

https ://

The second one is the same but you can see the rudder pedals and I showed my layout in the menu.

https ://

I have checked my controller and the joystick is good, its a very new controller. I also tried it with 2 other controllers with the same exact outcome so it’s not an issue with the controller itself. Again, the issue is that both throttle and rudder are taking input without toughing the controller. Any time I use the left stick, it works as assigned but the moment I let go, it goes crazy.

I’m a new forum account so I can’t upload or share links… just delete the space between the s and the : in the link…

Can you upload a couple of screen shots showing rudder and throttle assignments?

Should look similar to mine…

I’m still a new forum account so I can’t upload, but all are the same except that instead of a Rudder Axis, I have a Rudder Left and Rudder Right. My guess is that this is because I’m not on a joystick with a Z axis.

That is a digital button press - on or off

I’m not seeing that either, I’m assuming that’s something not available for controller.

Tested again and this is still a problem. It’s definitely not my controller stick. I did a number of tests assigning other controls to L & R on the left stick. Only the Rudder R Rudder L makes it go crazy.

Same problem here… it used to happen now and then… this new update causes it to happen constantly ever two minutes about… so freaking annoying!

I’m oddly encouraged that I’m not the only one. Seeing as I don’t have a joystick, the controller is the best and most comfortable way for me to play. If this mapping gets fixed, flying would feel really smooth on controller as it does in several other games I fly in. This would encourage me to play more too! As of now, flying is an enjoyable experience insofar as Flight Sim is a great vessel to fly, but the controller maps with this glitch makes it really tough.