Controller Options

Can someone explain to me why when I begin a flight the controller option for the joystick (3D Pro) is always set to Default and I am unable to change it? I know I select SAVE whenever I make a configuration change in the main CONTROLS menu, but it never seems to make to the flightline.

Am I missing a setting somewhere? Could it be that simple?

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I wanted to take advantage of the topic to ask if the bug of not saving the controls has been fixed on 30.12. I am on Xcloud and everything was working fine after the AAU1 update. After that, I decided to modify some buttons on my controller, but to keep my profile intact, I created another one to make the modifications. As I didn’t like it, I decided to delete it, left and went back to the control menu, and suddenly I lost my main profile that had worked in AAU1, returning to the default mode. I tried to create another profile, but it won’t create anymore. I was frustrated that this bug returned.

The problem is that this default mode doesn’t save, upon ending the session it always goes back to before it was configured. The only way to get around this is to make the modifications on pre-configured profiles like the Fight Jet, confirm the save, and exit. When you come back, it will be in the default mode, but with the previously saved commands. However, it doesn’t matter if you mess with it without doing this trick, it will always erase what you did in the next session

After you’ve made your changes to the default controller settings, do you rename and save the new settings? Select the new setting and apply when returning to the game?

When you save a button on the default profile, does it prompt you to create another profile to your liking with a name to continue? Once created, it will generate a new duplicate profile of the default but with the new functions you saved, correct? Press “Y” to save and exit the control menu and come back, what happens? The created profile disappears and merges with the default profile. If you dare to mess with it, it will automatically delete all the settings made.

This is a known issue in Xcloud. They require you to have “physical” access to MSFS to clear the cloud files. I don’t have a console or a powerful computer to do this feat. When contacting MSFS, they instruct you to talk to the XBOX support.

Let me take a step back here. The first thing I want to be able to do is make sure that when I enter the FLY zone that I am using the correct controller option. But when I check the tool bar the controller is always set to default and I am unable to change that. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change in order to make this happen?