Controller profile drop-down menus

We really need a drop-down menu for control profile selection.

It seems that with the current system, each time you page through the profiles to get to the one you want, the system actually loads each profile before moving on to the next. This is wasteful, time consuming and results in corruption and merging of profiles unless done really slowly.

Today I discovered that my 4-engine jet profile had converted to the same control options as my complex single engine profile. No fun to reconfigure unnecessarily.

MS/Asobo: Are you listening?

Hello all,

I own a Trustmaster TCA Quadrant. Therefore, I have mulitple profiles saved for different types of aircraft.
Like: A320 profile, B787 profile, VFR profile, PMDG DC6 profile, etc… (and many more to come in the future)

Switching between them isn’t very sufficient.
Is it possible you make this in a drop down menu, so switching between them is easier and faster?


I am with you, please do a drop-down menu

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