Controller settings - saved to cloud?

I need to reinstall windows. :frowning:

Do controller settings get saved to the cloud? I have a back throttle and setup for different aircraft types. Or is there a way to back them up and restore them once I have FS installed again?

Yes, all your profile stuff is saved in the cloud, once you re-install and log into the same account they will (should) be there.


Yes. I bought a new PC back last fall and when I installed the sim and logged into my XBox account, all the settings from my old PC were transferred over - controller profiles, log book entries, etc.

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Good to read! :+1:

I just got my new PC running and everything from my xbox transferred except my controller profiles. I did so much customization on V1 and hotas profiles on xbox and I don’t want to re-create on the new PC . I wonder if there is something I missed where the controller settings didn’t transfer? Or if there is anything I can do to explicitly load these on new PC.

Other than that, so far going to PC from xbox has been a great experience and I’m just getting started on all the new things available. No going back now…