Controllers Problem

I’m having trouble setting up controllers in MSFS

I have two controllers that I don’t want to assign in the game. Even though I have cleared the assignments (I made empty profiles), they still send input.

Hi @bartholomaeus95 & welcome to the forums. :slightly_smiling_face:

What are the make & models of the controllers that are causing the problem, and what are the inputs that are still being sent from them?

Hi, thanks for reply

These are some cheap gamepads, probably tracer or another similar brand, I set the assignments in 3rd party software for them, but still using them in the game.

So, for example, when I press a button on these controllers, it works as a BACK option (as if I pressed ESC on the keyboard)

It seems as if MSFS is constantly forcing some sort of default settings, even though my empty profile is still selected in the options. I can also completely close the previously mentioned 3rd party software.

I currently have 7 different controllers connected to my computer, and only these two cause this problem, which only occurs in MSFS

And, I don’t know what I did, but last night the problem disappeared, unfortunately today it appeared again.

Hi @bartholomaeus95,
What is the third party software you are using? Providing the exact make & models of the all your controllers & controlling software will help, as users here may have the same controllers and / or software and so could perhaps provide advice.

Also knowing how all these controllers are connected to the PC is useful too - e.g. wired or wireless? Directly connected to the PC or via a USB hub (in which case, what are the make & model(s) of the hubs).

I only have a basic MS wireless mouse & Logitech joystick, so probably will not be able to help, but with the above information, others may be able to.