Controls only work when view is forward

updated to wu6 , removed community folder and started a flight in cirrus. the aircraft controls only work when the view is forward. once you look to the left or right and move your joystick, the airplane doesn’t react. it will only react once the view is forward…

How are you changing the view?
Haven’t had this issue except when holding the right mouse button; joystick input is ignored until I let go. Where I’m looking after letting go hasn’t had any impact though.

mouse right click

It’s a bug introduced with SU5.
It’s only a PC bug so they’ll never fix it.


It’s not the frontal view. Holding the right mouse button will render all controls unusable. You can look left or right and manipulate the plane as long as you let go of the RMB. Obviously a QA issue introduced with SU5 because of xbox compatibility so we gotta wait for them to fix it. Or not…

thanks… weird i didn’t notice it all

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