Controls Page Merges Binds


I wonder if anyone can help me reproduce this bug so I can file a proper zendesk report.

This has been happening as long as I remember now but on occasion what seems to happen is some controls and sensitivities will get merged from one of my profiles to another.

For example I have a ‘Prop’ plane profile which has a mixture, prop, a single throttle and flaps axis bound. I also have a profile for the 747 which has 4 throttles, spoilers and flaps axis (among others), today it seems my 747 controls ‘merged’ into my prop profile leaving my prop profile with the 4 throttles etc and overwriting what I otherwise had bound to those axis. Same with the sensitivity - my fully linear sensitivity I set on the prop profile got overwritten by the 747 one which has a neutral value set for the reverse detent.

It usually seems to happen around when I’m changing things and I think it’s possibly happening on shutdown/launch of the sim.

I hoped someone could help me work out how/when this is happening so it can be submitted as a proper bug report.

With more and more aircraft coming out for the sim its becoming quite difficult to stay on top of all these ghost changes that are made between my various profiles!


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