Controls Questions

I need a list of all the possible control actions I can program into my controllers, is that possible?

Also can someone tell me how to “pause” the simulator?

Any help greatly appreciated,


Go to the controllers setup page and change “Assigned” to “All”.

You can bind Pause to a key. You can also use Active Pause, but that’s buggy right now. Use regular pause.

Or just hit escape to pause. It will pop up the menu but also pauses in the background

Using the Pause/Unpause bindings with 2 separate keys I first was irritated because I saw no immediate sign of being paused. Perhaps I missed something…

Generally speaking; what is the best control for flight sim???

Can I assign Pause to a controller key. I want to do as much as possible without having to use the keyboard.

Yes you can

If it’s like with keyboard, you should have to use 2 controller keys

What does that mean???

It’s not a toggle with 1 key, it seems, you have to assign one for Pause On and one for Pause off, that’s what I meant (I have “p” and “Ctrl-p” assigned, a key on my hotas is too valuable for me for other things).