Convert Livery Megapack into AI Traffic

Has anybody else tried this?


(sorry, german OS)

With Notepad++ you could search and rename in files, so it is possible to change the following lines:

isAirTraffic = 1 ; Is the plane usable for air traffic
isUserSelectable = 0 ; Is the plane selectable by the user

in the aircraft.cfg according to your liking.

The advantage for me is now, that I could disable all the hundreds of liveries to show up in the Main GUI of MSFS and I have more variation in the AI Liveries.

The screenshot is from EDDF with live traffic.
I do not know nor do I care if the liveries 100% correct, but in any case you see a lot more variation in AI.
With this base it should be possible to make very good AI packages for one who knows which parameters are exactly necessary to make them show up with live traffic


ja das funzt … ooops [german off]

the latest pack contained hundreds of liveries i would never use but it is nice to see airport gates much more colourful ,

As good as it looks, I’d suspect that these are not LOD models (I’ll stand corrected) so when there is a lot of them in the area of focus, i would imagine that frame rates will tank

What is needed, of course, is a set of LOD models (ALA live traffic in FSX/P3D) that can be hooked up to the AI flight plans (Wherever they reside) That way we will also get a better match of aircraft and airline

I suspect it will come soon :slight_smile:

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unfortunately that megapack focusses on quantity not quality.
a lot of aircraft.cfg entries are simply wrong or missing.
atm i am working my way through the A320 which contains >320 liveries
so that will keep me busy some time …

Yeah agreed… the Singapore Airlines was horrible, the Korean Air and DHL are mirrored on one side… I mean, I have already all the sim bugs to work around. Can do without these half liveries.

I did notice though, flying with the DHL-livery and live traffic on, ATC suddenly seemed to focus on FedEx, Cargo King, Nippon Cargo… Like they realized I was flying cargo?

Overall ATC is stupid, so why would they suddenly be so smart? Coincidence?

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Sorry for bringing back this topic. Since the megapack contains so many low res liveries, I d rather just use a few ones that I select personally. However, I would like to use that megapack for IA traffic.

Does it work well if I change AI usable in the config? Do all planes get high-res liveries and slow down the performance? Can anyone explain?

Don’t do this. These are hi polygon models with high resolution textures. It will kill your FPS if you populate your airports with dozens or hundreds of them. AI needs to use special built models and special liveries.

So atm there is no real addon for the ai traffic to have liveries?

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Hi please give us in English the name of your app to do this thanks a lot

Any new link for that one?

I recently loaded the new MSFS 2020 and it appears that the new version is labeled XBOX/windows 10. It loads differently than some of the other discussions I have seen. There isn’t a File location load Directory like Flight Simulator with sub folders underneath it. I don’t think there are 2 versions XBOX and Windows 10. I believe they are combined now which makes finding the files to swap for AI traffic (still trying to find them) If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I want to change the 3 liveries into Jet Blue, Delta and a
American. Downloaded the latest Mega Pack.