Cool idea for Progressive Taxi Indicator

I know we have a couple of threads but I’ve not heard this idea and I think it’s really cool. Rather than arrows why not simply have the pathway glow with a soft green/blue, as if the taxiway had an embedded uniform maybe foot-wide soft-edged LED lighting strip covering the Progressive Taxi route, just bright enough be visible at high noon on a clear day and self-adjusting to ambient lighting, toggleable w/ a keystroke. I like this much more that sharp-edged arrows it’s just too gauche and foreign looking. I think if this were done well it could be made to look like it belonged there. To me this might be far easier to program too–they just need to define route and apply the correct shading to it versus creating objects per se that sit on top.

As well as making this toggleable, I would like to it back in the Taxi Clearance request in ATC as it was in FSX/P3D–this is where you want it, it’s handy. A keystroke to enable/disable would be nice as well for sure.

This sounds like an awesome idea and I’m surprised it hasn’t got much attention.

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“Subtle Taxi Ribbon” goes a long way to meet your suggestion. :+1:

This mod will change your Taxi Ribbon to make it smaller, and recoloured to green to blend well with the taxiway centrelights. This mod will make the taxi ribbon less obtrusive and more immersive when using it.


Even better (my favorite & default )

The arrow is replaced by a small sphere that has animation in the direction to move.

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Thanks yes I found this a while back and it’s perfect! Love it!


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