Coordinates format issue at PLN files

Many programs use ° ’ " as a coordinate format, but FS2020 uses * ’ " at PLN file.

Simbrief or etc: N37° 27’ 45.00",E126° 26’ 21.00",+000023.00
FS2020 pln: N37* 27’ 45.00",E126* 26’ 21.00",+000023.00

This causes problems reading the plan files each programs. When using pln file of Simbrief at FS2020, Turn on Notepad and change every coordinates format.(° → *)

I don’t know what is global standard coordinates format. But I hope All programs use same format for All Sim Pilot’s convenience and happiness. :slight_smile:

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FS2020 will accept: N41° 24’ 52.92",E19° 43’ 14.16",126

If you do not use Third party programs such as Little Navimap, it is small problem. Major Problem is third party programs can not read FS2020 generated PLN files.
N41* 24’ 52.92",E19* 43’ 14.16",126. <= It makes problem

Sometimes FS2020 can not read ° ’ " coordinates format perfectly. When it has been, We can see a Broken Flight route. (Added N0* 0’ 0",E0* 0’ 0",0)