Copilot camera added or moved order in cockpit quickview?

Back flying on fs2020 since some time away and when cycling through the cockpit quick views on my thrustmaster t-flight hotas X I keep jumping to the copilot seat instead of the captain seat on all aircraft if I cycle ‘up’. Is there anyway I can remove the copilot view from the cockpit quickview camera or reorder the cockpit quickview camera cycle? Thanks.

I’ve noticed this and hopefully it’s not a bug but working as intended, I think it’s a great addition to the sim instead of having to manually move the camera to the co-pilot position.

I agree but it’s in a really annoying place in my quickview camera cycle. I like hitting pov up until I am at the zoomed in default cockpit for landing, but now I am always ending up in the copilot seat and it’s so annoying.

That’s odd, it’s the opposite for me. When tapping POV Up which bound to ‘next pilot position’ it sets it to the over the cockpit view first, then a second press moves to the co-pilot seat.

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