Copilot fix. Please?

Is there any way you could issue a small patch to fix the copilot prior to the next big US update? Just a tiny fix to make that work would help a ton!

Hi there,
What issue with the copilot are you looking to fix? I’m sure it would help the developers a lot to know what, specifically, you’re looking for. :slightly_smiling_face:

I “fix” the copilot on nearly every flight by setting his weight to zero in the top screen menu. He gets mad however and immediately takes 50% of the fuel with him. So much for ride share.

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It has been a well known problem since the Japan update. Basically, it no longer works. Any aircraft just flies straight past waypoints and no longer follows flight paths.

What is the co-pilot supposed to do exactly? I’ve never used it. I get the auto ATC interaction… that functionality makes sense.

If he is just supposed to follow the flight plan… how’s that different from the auto-pilot? Is it supposed to be able to do other flight functions (takeoff, land, etc.)?

Since there are problems with most autopilots. this has been a handy way to maintain course, altitude and speed. It’s my lazy autopilot and I love the feature!

The copilot can also either take care of or assist with various checklists.

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I am closing this as a duplicate of this topic, which was created before this topic and currently has 172 votes as of this writing:

(In the future, if you have any issues where the simulator does not work as expected, Bugs & Issues is the best place to log them instead of Wishlist.)

You may take some solace knowing that the development team is addressing the copilot here: