Copying painted lines now corrupts projects

I already found the copy notification in the new sdk fantastically irritating. I don’t need to know if somethings a copy.

I also learned after burning many hours of work that copied painted lines kill projects stone dead.

After attempting to build them you can’t even open them any more. It’s an insta crash no matter what.

This makes many airports non viable as you can’t see enough ground paint every time.

Edit - manually going through the XML and deleting every single copy tag attached to painted lines restores the project.

The whole sdk seems to messed up. I lost a lot of work.

Polygons wouldn’t show after opening my project, then the taxiways disappeared, followed by not being able to select properties for any object unless you went through a convoluted way, and finally, I can’t get jetways to be assigned to a parking place nor joined to jetway links.

All this happened after the latest sim update. I tried going back to ver 09 of the sdk to see if that would solve the problem but it didn’t. Now reloading the whole sim to see if a fresh copy solves the problem. :confounded: