Corenado PA28 Arrow lll

When I set flaps to full down, the nose pitches up suddenly…this can not be right. I had to do a no flap landing on a short runway. I ended up in the water… there was no splash!

You don’t say anything about your flap extension schedule so it is impossible to say much about it. But yes, that most certainly can happen if you are too fast, especially if you do multiple stages of flaps at/near the same time.

Not only does this not have much info, but you certainly could have posted this in one of the existing Arrow threads. Also, make sure your flight model is set to Modern.

Yeap they did their own flaps hotfix and it interferes with Asobo hotfix meaning flaps are a bit broken.
This was known by Carenado but they chose to allow it to be sold anyways saying “We will patch it soon”

And that’s exactly why I don’t like buying from the marketplace …


yep me neither, taking the ability to make quick fixes out of the hands of the devs is only a bad thing. I’d be okay with that if the long validation period by MS meant anything but from what I’ve seen that isn’t the case.
But I suspect given how fast Carenados 182 got into the marketplace they have some kind of exclusivity deal to only release their products on the market place so I don’t see, for Carenados at least, much changing


As they noted, this was given to Microsoft weeks ago, I imagine, after some testing with the UK update, but before release of the update? Either way, this was given to Microsoft before the hotfix was released, and probably before it was announced.

It appears that with sim update 3 ( this aircraft becomes unstable with only 10 degrees of flaps on takeoff or in flight. Flaps are completely unusable.

Carenado is aware of the issue. They apologized profusely on FB and said they are working on getting a patch together that will fix the issues. This is out of their control.


Glad to hear that they are aware of the issue and I hope they update it soon. I just purchased it from the marketplace this past weekend and I was taken completely by surprised when I flew it on the first flight after sim update 3. At first I thought the sim was broken again until I found out it was the flaps that were the problem on this aircraft but not on the Bonanza.

I found other issues wit this aircraft not related to the use of flaps. The prop control does nothing unless the prop is throttled above 2300 rpm with the prop control set to maximum. The panel switches for the beacon and strobes do not work correctly. With FSUIPC 7 switch assignment to the strobes controls the beacon and assignment to the beacon controls the strobes.

Those are true. I already also brought up the light knob issue to them in addition to the things you mentioned. Hopefully the patch will incorporate ALL those fixes.

Good to know. Thanks.

It appears that the flap issue has been fixed with latest update. However the prop control authority issue, beacon, and strobes switch control problems have not been fixed. Otherwise I am very pleased with this aircraft. It handles well in the air and on the ground. Rudder, elevator, aileron, and nosewheel steering controls are not overly sensitive. Unlike the Just Flight version it does take the addition of power above idle to begin taxi roll.

I don’t think patches should be validated my MS only the initial product. Patches should be able to be pushed up at will, the community will police that very quickly.

I do feel sorry for Caranado as they seem to always get the s**t end of stick on these issues. Not saying they are blameless but MS need to sort out the patching of all add-ons made for msfs. I would happily pay a small fee per month to have msfs read all my add-ons no matter where I bought them and update them if the developer is on board.