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Although my windows 10 local time is showing the correct time (GMT+2) the Flight Simulator (live) time is one hour ahead! Why is that? Can you correct it?


Make sure that your daylight saving auto box is checked.

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The Daylight saving auto box is checked in windows 10. I am talking about the Flight Simulator time that is one hour difference from the Windows time.

I’ve had numerous time-related bugs, including the time being BEHIND what I selected in the World Map. It makes no sense.


In Europe we use UTC instead of CET for aviation. The difference is 1 hour.

One hour? Pfft.

When I load in a flight the time is ALWAYS wrong, and it is not:
A) My current local time.
B) Current local time for the airport I’m at.
D) The time that I selected.

I’m completely baffled.

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@Dragonscoils When you click Flight Conditions and have all players selected, and click Live for Weather & Time, or click Live Players, is it still incorrect?

It’s correct for whatever time I set it as I launch and then it’s some wildly incorrect time once it loads.

Edit: Which, frankly, isn’t that big of a deal since you can change it in game. However, I like to stream my flights and nowadays the “Fly Now” intro screen is almost always in the dark.

@Dragonscoils I didn’t catch that the first time you said it, but you are referring to loading in a flight plan? Perhaps it has a specific time set for the plan, different from your current time. They might have done this on purpose, not sure, so that the flight appears at the time of day desired for that plan. Not sure if that can be edited in the plan before loading it.

The whole world uses UTC instead of ST/DST for aviation…

once I load the selection screen for ‘weather and time’ the time is wrong - then ‘click’ on the ‘live’ button on screen and the time is updated correctly to local time for the selected departure airport. I assume the ‘live weather’ is also updated through the default weather METAR source too but can’t be certain since it is generally in-exact

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