Corruption in user's Hardware Control’s Profile / Profile Missing / Only Blank Default Profile Available

I have done a COMPLETE reinstall (~150 GB) of MSFS SU 9 after exiting the Beta SU It appears SU10 corrupts our online profile for hardware controls (keyboards, joysticks etc).

Upon successful installation, our hardware profiles are missing. Only (blank) default profile is available. Creating a new one does not save (it will let you do It but when you comer back to Controls screen it is never there.
Interestingly, it does let you edit the default profile and save it. however, It only works for the current open session of MSFS. If you close MSFS and load it again only.

While I hope MSFS team can fix it in time for SU10, how do I fix it in the time being on my end? I cannot fly now unless I create key bindings each time I start MSFS (unreasonable).

Others started topics on this but it seems no one actually logged a bug report.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


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Corruption in Hardware Control’s Profile / Profile Missing / Only Blank Default Profile Available

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After existing beta and full reinstall of MSFS, navigate to control options. You will see none of the online profiles are avalible. Only blank default profile is there.

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Windows 10. MSFS on 1 TB SSD.

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  1. Hardware profiles Missing after reverting from SU10 Beta to SU9. XBOX series X

  2. Control Profiles Missing after exiting SU10 Beta

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I can’t contribute to this as I’ve not rolled back to SU9, but if this indeed is a bug then it HAS to be sorted out before everyone leaves the beta.

Redoing all of these control profiles will take an absolute age and having to do so is completely unacceptable. Is there not a local copy of these profiles we can back up, or is the whole lot in the cloud?

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There is a folder they are apparently saved - mine was read only and I switched that but it unfortunately did not work. Still not able to save new profiles no matter what I do. Seemingly a simple issue to tackle, but here we are. Luckily most planes I fly I use the same profile but the matter of the fact is I can’t save ANY new profiles - only default is available. Sigh.

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I wonder if it’s a backward compatibility thing with SU9?

I read elsewhere that if you get back into the beta everything is still there. Bit of an odd one!