Cost of average flight sim plane

Hi. I was just wondering what the average cost of a commerical aircraft would be to purchase on a flight sim?

I am guessing you don’t have the game installed. You get a lot of planes by default depending on the version of MSFS you buy. There is a ton of community sites with free planes also.
This is the planes on the market place in game.

I do but some aircraft I think are slightly over priced. Also do you ever think the a330 will come to the xbox marketplace for mfs?

There is plenty community sites

probably best to ask the people who develop there

It highly depends on the depth the developer went into to model the aircraft (visually, functionally, and flight model / physics), and the quality of the work.

For example, the PMDG DC-6 is a steal at $60, whereas the the King Air for $20 is $19 too much…

Topic moved into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft since this seems to reference third party. The #sdk-discussion:aircraft is more for discussion of modifying aircraft with the software development kit.

Planes that cost money typically cost between $10 and $100. It seems lately a lot of planes cost around $30 - $40. As more features are added to the SDK to allow planes to get more complex, I would expect a lot of aircraft to jump into the $50 - $60 range soon, with planes lower on the complexity spectrum to remain in the range of $15 - $25.

If you’re looking for airliners, You’ll have your Bredock3D style (IOW, entertainment level) planes in the range that they are, whereas expect the PMDG “study” level complexity planes to remain in the $60 - $80 and up to $100 or more.

IOW, as the available library grows, you’ll be able to spend as much or as little as you want, and will receive a commensurate level of detail and support to the price of the product, on average.

There really isn’t any “average” price. There’s a lot of factors that go into how developers price their products. It’s kind of like asking what’s the average cost of perfume or jewelry.

Some years ago I would say it used to be under 50$, but then gradually moved beyond 50. Nowadays 50-100$

100$ is the limit that is very seldom crossed, although some have attempted to do so (for example inibuilds)