Costant CTD in SAWC (default scenary) with any aircraft

Hello guys, i am having constant CTD with any aircraft in the default scenery SAWC, playing in live weather, is anyone else experiencing the same? just in less than 1 min after clicking the ready to fly comes the CTD

interesting i can reproduce the CTD very clearly. Is only in this airport and i think it has to do with the live weather… close airports are working fine, but only on this one is snowing at the moment, there is something about the weather engine that is not working properly…

How can you think, it is the weather?
Didn’t you try it with a weather Preset?
This question is for both of you.

I am not at home, so I can’t check it.


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No problem to start at this Airport. Live travic and live Wether is on.

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Thanks guys for your feedback and confirmation that is running ok. I think i have a server issue on my side, is the first time i get a warning regarding my account that is not valid…

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