Could the windsock default model be changed so that it is accurate no matter how you rotate it?

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Sim Update 12 fixed one windsock bug where the windsock behaved 180° wrong with respect to the wind:

This issue was supposed to be fixed across the board in Sim Update 4:

  • Fixed the windsocks with wrong orientation

However to this day, we continue to see this problem. At first, I thought it was simply a leftover remnant of developers who had compensated for the bug before Sim Update 4 and didn’t adjust their windsocks back after the fix. However, we continue to see this issue in default airports and even in airports created after Sim Update 4, including at least one airport in World Update 12: New Zealand (I’m still testing New Zealand…this number may grow).

The only possible explanation I can see is that one or more developers on the team are still rotating their windsocks around 180° well after Sim Update 4. Would it be possible to address the issue holistically by changing the model so that the windsock behaves properly no matter how you rotate it?