Could we have more frequent "CLEANUP" Sim Updates in the future?

Bugs ruin the experience, some more than others.
For someone bug “A” will be much more important than bug “B” and vice versa.

That’s why bugs need to be cleaned up much more often than they are right now, all of them, not only the ones on top of the list.

Having such a big and talented team working on the sim everyday should provide at least a monthly “cleanup update”.

This is more important than a Reno Air Races update which I couldn’t enjoy because the HUD was displayed right in the middle of the screen in VR… (and the workaround wasn’t working for me)
This is a perfect example of a “known issue” which ruined my experience for a paid product, and still no fix 3 months later.

That’s my opinion and you can vote if you agree with me.


We don’t need bug fixing updates. We need good quality control and continuous bug fixing with every update.