Could you give us a bit more info on how gusts are created?

Is this a purely random thing, or are these derived from weather data?

I think I can answer that question, even though I’m not a developer.

The wind gust data is taken either from METAR reports or from Meteoblue.
METAR reports don’t always report wind gusts. They’re usually reported if the wind gust speed is 10 knots or more than the average wind speed. Some stations around the world report them differently though.

If there are no gust data in the METAR, then the gust data is taken from Meteoblue.

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Yes, Thanks, I thought something along those lines. But this only forecasts the wind speeds. How is the frequency of the gusts derived, or the duration and direction?

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That I don’t know. Hope they’ll explain more, because to me it seems like the frequency could be tuned a little. Right now the gusts are too frequent I think.


Yes, I also agree that the frequency of the gusts is rather much too uniform right now.

IRL you don’t normally have a flight where the plane shakes continuously like this. Instead you get turbulence in random-ish bursts, with a similarly random interval of smoothness in between.

Also, I’m finding that at low altitudes (below FL200), there seems to always be as much gusting as there is wind. Which really makes it less realistic than it could be due to an overly predictable excess.

I don’t think there is any data (MeteoBlue or Metar) on the frequency/duration of gusts whenever they’re indicated. I’d guess this is something the sim has to infer by it’s own logic - And that seems to be where the “too constant” issue derives from.

So there’s definitely room for tuning there.

I hope the message hasn’t been lost in the noise with all the people going on with the “Hard = Realistic; Don’t nerf for noobs” argument (which is rather a fallacy)

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Some of this was discussed in the previous Q&As, and indeed, there is an issue with the availability of data they have.

From March:

From May (some awesome moderator wrote up this transcript :slightly_smiling_face:):


True but the ‘character’ of the gusts is still mostly a best guess, and in MSFS the constant fluctuation of gusts and the rapid onset of each gust pulse is too volatile to be realistic in typical flying. I guess the current gust implementation is simply too twitchy over say a 30 second period.

Everyone remembers the gust that slammed into their plane, but no-one remembers the hours of occasional oscillation that happened in between.


I’ve tested gusts much since release but i don’t know for sure about the frequency. I feel it’s random because i’m not getting same result everytime. But some things makes the frequency increase. While standing still on groound we get the lowest frequency. While we increase in speed the frequency start to go up. When above around 1500ft AGL the frequency decreases and we have smooth winds above that. If the frequency is correct i have no reasearched data of if it’s like IRL but i think that the wind fluctuate too often between the highest and lowest windspeed.

For example:

a smaller aircraft should feel more frequent gusts than an airliner but in the sim it’s mostly same amount of frequency in both but the force is less on the airliner. Thats because the wind fluctuate between the lowest and highest wind all the time.

Also want to know for sure how it works :slight_smile:

I’m really happy that we finally have gusts. Only improve it if you know how to improve it. Nobody here can tell or show for sure if the frequency is wrong.

Here i try and show how it works with graphs. A bit long clips but needed to show. In the METAR clip you can also see hard transition in clouds and winds that i dislike (at 5:14 in the clip). Strange it happening when i tried to show the gusts only LOL. Hope they fix those soon. More important than fixing the gust frequency in my opinion. Ignore my bad landings the clip was to show the gusts.

Red Line = wind velocity (gusts) Left y-axis numbers.

Green = altitude over ground right y-axis numbers.

First is Meteoblue only: METAR not available at YLOO

METAR airport YESP a little bit to the east of YLOO.

YESP 040434Z AUTO 26026G37KT 6000 -SHRA SCT015 SCT019 BKN026 11/10 Q1006

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I think Asobo has improved it much since release of the beta. The frequency was much higher at release. And the randomnes of those gusts has also improved. I hope they will continue improve it as with the rest of the features in the sim :slight_smile: The winds feels much more alive than before. We are not used to that i bet. Pre su10 it were like flying on rails.

At release some complained gusts/turbulence were overdone without showing researched data and Asobo both limited turbulence in clouds and removed gusts. Far more unrealistic to remove and limit things that exists in weather.

In su9 when thermals were added community instantly said they were overdone without showing researched data. And Asobo limited those below 3KTS in su10. Thats not how wind works. Well, i can agree with that for those not want to experience thermals. But limit it for everyone?

Now the community instantly says gusts are wrong without showing researched data. I hope they not limiting gusts also :frowning:

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Nobody said it was “wrong” or advocated to “limit it” that I’m aware of. - By no means should this feature be removed, though I find it frustrating how defensive folks get at the very notion, that they’d seemingly prefer to silence valid opinions on how to improve it further, than to “risk them taking it back”. That’s not a reasonable motive to hold up any feedback.

What happened way back when was probably due to a much larger inadequacy of the system that had to be worked out before its reintroduction. If they added it back, it follows that this much at least has now become ready to develop into fullness

Anyways, the point is:

The frequency of the gusts just appears to be too constant, so that the effect becomes more predictable than it should be in a way. There aren’t the “ominous silences” in between bouts of fitful tossing that such unnerve passengers and thrill enthusiasts alike.

Note that the way the airplane bumps around throughout turbulent encounters appears to me as remarkably life-like. However, the duration of these events and interval in between them seem rather unvaried, if not altogether absent.

Turbulence in the sim right now feels like this: (excuse the poor man’s graph)

Whereas in reality, it feels more like so:

Notice the gaps and lulls, that’s what’s missing in the sim. Turbulence comes in bursts, with as much smoothness in between as there are moments of roughness. When it does come, then it feels almost exactly as in the sim, but must have this way of coming and going to really feel authentic.

In other words:
It’s not the frequency of the wind changes themselves that are too rough, but the frequency OF that frequency that feels too constant and unchanging.
There has to be another layer of randomness to govern the magnitude of the randomly shifting winds at a broader period, thus allowing for those moments in between that make turbulence feel truly unpredictable


Totally agree :slight_smile: I also feel they are too predictable as it is now. I hope they can make it more random and more smothness in between. Lulls there is none at the moment.

As it is now the wind varies between the meassured average and gust value the wind can never go below the average thats not the case IRL. If a METAR says 10KTS gusting 20KTS. That means the wind can be as low as 2KTS sometimes. In the sim it can’t be below 10KTS.

This means we get a higher average of winds in the sim than it actually is right? To me the lowest wind should be random as well. Not limited at what METAR says. That would make us have an average closer to what it is IRL. Will try paint a picture of what i mean.

Like this

perhaps the lowest wind speed could be “inferred” by a reasonable guesstimate of:

gustMin = windRef - (gustMax-windRef)

That is, the same variance of velocity above the reference wind speed should also apply in variations below it. Causing a fluctuation equally large above and below the average wind speeds.

To a limit of zero, perhaps - it’d be weird if the wind should go backwards whenever gustMax exceeds 2*windRef…

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Hope Asobo read your posts :slight_smile:

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