Couple of odd quest 2 observations....thoughts?

Hey Guys, so I just switched from the Rift S to the Quest 2. Amazing difference, very happy I made the switch. Just a couple of things though…

I am using the Quest 2 via Airlink,

  1. I have occasional audio drop outs with a freeze for maybe a half second every 20 or 30 seconds. (Solved…Airlink is the culprit, I needed a faster AP) Cable works flawlessly

  2. the analog gauges in the cockpit look very strange at night. Almost as they have a half shadow over half of the gauge when I am turning my head, or sometimes looking straight at them.

Has anyone ever experienced this?

VR seems to be kind of smooth.


Not using Steam VR
default Nvidia CP
I9 10500K
3090 FE
64GB GSkill 4200 RAM
1TB Nvme drive

I have that same issue as well. also on tail lights for large planes i have that issue. i think its more to do with the particular aircraft.

What is your router that you were using for the airlink?
I have same issue with the audio drop outs, and I’m using airlink, however it seems to go away after the initial load, and seems to work fine in other games, so just wondering if it is truly an airlink problem.

Im using a Ubiquiti Unifi LR (Wifi 6) and Cisco Maraki Router. All Enterprise equipment.