Couple of weird things at the moment

Since the new update i experience some weird things that werent there before.

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Brief description of the issue:

  1. Cannot set camera bindings. 2) cannot close with logbook 3) Co-pilot will or will not handle ATC

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
I have a keyboard (laptop), mouse and Xbox controller installed. Every time i want to bind a custom camera view. For instance CTRL- F5, the in cockpit view is going stuttering from low to high…
QUESTION: Do i have to delete the camera settings that are in, before binding the new ones?

  1. I have the go to logbook when shutting down the engines buttons mode on in the settings. But since yesterday it wont go back. Not a big problem, sometimes you want to bring the AC to a dark and then return, but sometimes i want it a bit faster. It won’t work anymore

Sometimes i want to let the copilot handle the ATC, especially for longer flight in airliners. One time she will talk to ATC, other times there is just no respond by her. Is it just in bad ingame ATC, or am i missing something? Yes i have the co pilot atc aid setting ON btw.

  1. If you are changing them for a specific controller, yes.
    If you are just adding another controller and want to use the same command, then no.

  2. I’m not sure. I have seen that happen with date and time if you were in multiplayer and did
    not get out of that mode, maybe it is similar.

  3. The AI copilot will not work if it is out of sequence, for example if it started a request but didn’t
    complete it.