Courchevel to Mont Blanc


Lovely flight. Its one of my trips of choice too. I wish Asbob would hurry up with the higher detailed DEM for Switzerland. I love flying in the mountains. I higher detailed DEM of the Himalayas would be great too.

This was from the last leg i did from the recently added Bush trip of the world update 4.

I’m currently in that bush trip. Still in the Pyrenees. But man that is a lot of fun. I see me doing this one multiple times.

Maybe add the challenge and do it with a non turbo airplane…

I was using the auto pilot so i could enjoy the scenery.

Mont Blanc

Same here. Why make life harder then necessary :wink:

Sorry my bad

The most difficult for me was the LFMR to LFPS route. Difficult to spot the airfield.

I kinda knew where to look because I did the landing challenge there before. But I crashed 3 times trying to take off :unamused:

I don’t think IRL someone would take the DA-40 there…

Loads of fun though.

I have had bad experience with LFPS airport. I tried to land there 4-5 times, but I never succeeded. Even there, the runway is not visible and is terribly short. The author should fix the Bush Trip.



Me too, but what I did, I paused the plane and went into the drome mode, looking for the airport and when I found it I tried it again and after 3 times I managed to land.

Thank you. I will try it.

Courchevel is one of my favorite airport, I test the Sim always here, and going from here to the Mont Blanc and then landing at Geneva is my favorite trip :+1:

And this is how I fly. of course most of the time I hide them and enjoy the view

Finally, on about the 11th attempt, I managed to land at LFPS airport. Today I finished Bush Trip Bordeaux to Megeve airport.