CPU and GPU low usage

Hi all, this is my first time here (even though I’ve read many posts over the years) so I will introduce myself: I’m Gianluca from Italy.
Recently I upgraded my old PC and I managed to put together as follows:

Asrock A520M-ITX/ac
AMD Ryzen 5 5600
Team Group 2x16gb DDR4 3200mhz (XMP Enabled)
Manli GTX 3060 Ti
Team Group 1tb NVMe SSD
bequiet 400w (I will upgrade this too at some point, still holding great though)

The problem I have is: why both CPU and (especially) GPU are not going full power? I have MSI Afterburner and Riva Tuner as reference for statistics and CPU doesn’t go over 70% and GPU is stuck at 50/60% at most (sometimes it doesn’t even go full core frequency’s).

I only fly with Fenix A320 and it’s perfectly smooth at 60 FPS when everything is turned off, but the frames begin to drop significantly when I gradually set up the aircraft, dropping sub 40 at the time of takeoff (CPU and GPU usage still at 50/70% at most) with low density areas and small airports. Multiplayer and real time traffic disabled.

Graphic settings are mediocre: LOD and object details are set to 100, and everything else is set to “high” (Ambient occusion and Ray tracing disabled). Resolution is 1080P. DLSS on DLAA. Tried both DX11 and 12. Vsynch on.

The old configuration with i5 7500 and GTX 1060 were constantly at 100%, producing something between 35 and 45 fps.

MSFS frame counter says “Limited by main thread” but the CPU runs at barely 70%… I don’t understand.

I tried the 3060 Ti in the old PC with i5 7500 and the CPU runs constantly at 100%, limiting the VGA.

Here’s a video that adds some context (resolution is 2560*1080p): MSFS FENIX A320 landing in Palma - Ryzen 5600 3060 Ti 32gb DDR4 - YouTube

Assuming your hardware isn’t being temperature throttled then quite simply you have a lot of headroom to raise your settings. So long as gpu and cpu frametimes remain nicely balanced you can increase quality with little fps impact until either or both are close to 100%. That being said take cpu usage as meaning it’s busiest core(s) and not an aggregate of all cores as is displayed in taskmanager and some other softwares. HWMonitor or HWinfo can tell you if individual cores are reaching that limit (for cooling purposes they all will in rotation).