CPU cooler mounting studs on socket 1700

Just a pointer for some people who like me may have upgraded, I swapped out my motherboard and CPU for a 13th gen CPU but used things like the original power supply cooler etc and everything seemed to run just fine, no overheating etc. The cooler is a Corsair H100i but I dont think this is specific just to that cooler.

However it was by chance reading an article somewhere that I came across a post that said you must use the shorter studs available from Corsair as the CPU in socket 1700 sits about 1mm lower and the cooler doesn’t put enough pressure on the CPU otherwise. Luckily I’m quite organised and kept the box so inside were the shorter studs, its made a massive difference, the CPU runs much cooler now and has gained a fair bit of performance.

So for anyone that was unaware this may help.