CPU DEAD, CPU CHANGE . Please let me know

Hello friends. For those of you who are into hardware, here is a question about processors. Excuse the length, but I want to make the topic very clear so that my dilemma is understood:

Until a few weeks ago I had a setup made up of
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU
MSI X570A-Pro Motherboard
MSI Radeon RX 6700X Gaming 12G GPU
1TB Kingston NVME “1” on PCI-e 4
1TB Kingston NVME “2” on PCI-e 3
1TB Kingston SSD “3” on SATA 6GB

Windows 11 and FS2020 full updated running on NVME “1” and everything working perfectly with everything set to ULTRA mode and with FPS rates above 60 without problems.

All good until I started having CTD and finding the problem was not easy.
I distrusted the last update but finally I had to send the equipment to guarantee. I thought it might be the video card or the RAM. I tried another GPU and the same thing happened (a 1070TI 8GB), then I changed the RAM and finally tried the second PCI-e video port. The machine worked fine again for a few days in second port and then suddenly it didn’t work anymore.
It didn’t directly give video.
So I distrusted the motherboard but I had no way to try another one and that’s why I sent it to warranty (which expired just two weeks after the failure, I was narrowly saved!),

They couldn’t find the problem there, so they sent it to the central repair house where they surprisingly said that the motherboard was fine, the same as the RAM and the video card, that the problem was the microprocessor. The last thing I would have imagined, especially since it has not had temperature problems, at most it reached 60/68 °C (140/154.4 °F) which is “cold” practically. (The equipment has IceChill 240 watercooling, 5 12cm (4.7") coolers, all self-regulated and work on undervolting.

Ok, now the question; They are going to change my processor free of charge, I can choose the same one or pay a difference and put a Ryzen 9 5900X. That is, it would go from an Ryzen 7 5800X to an Ryzen 9 5900X
Ryzen 7 5800X has 2 CCDs and one CCX, so each CCD will have 8 cores inside to connect with cache directly.
Ryzen 9 5900X. It has 6 cores of each CCD activated, with 2 CCDs.
This would jump from 8 cores 16 threads to 12 cores 24 threads but the most interesting thing is that it goes from 32 to 64M cache.

The main point is that I don’t know if there will really be an improvement in performance benefiting the flight simulator with at least a noticeable difference. The 12Gb of the video card really helps a lot, but the processor is also important and it would also be an update that would extend the life of the equipment a little more. I have seen the Ryzen 9 5950X but the price is already too high for me and I don’t know if it is really worth it and th Ryzen 7 5800X work fine for me but…

Thank you very much for taking the time to read me, I am very attentive to your answers and comments!


I would go with the upgrade. I see a lot of issues with the 5800x on the web, so there’s no guarantee a new one would be worry free. Also, human nature being what it is, how would you know if they just left the old one in there and sent it back.


What speaks against a 5600X? Runs cool and has solid gaming power.

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Go with the upgrade 100% and enjoy
Hope it solves your problems with CTDs

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Hello!. Switching is what I have in mind, the difference in money is not much and I was also surprised to see reports of failures in the 5800X. What has me in doubt is that I have seen some tests on the FS2020 and the Ryzen 9 5900X seems to perform less than the Ryzen 7 5800X, which has me perplexed. I use it in 1920x1080 full HD resolution, my 24" Viewsonic monitor does not give more than that and I have no intention of changing it at the moment. Grateful for your answer

Hi Matz.
They are quite even, but it would be like going down a rung on the ladder. Besides, my provider doesn’t have it (nor does the 5800X3D, which has much better performance due to more cache), what I can only do is, or order an R7 5800X again, or switch to an R9 5900X or an R9 5950X. I wouldn’t hesitate to go for the last one if I used it for more things, but in flight sim it makes no difference between the last two in terms of performance and it’s a lot of money for me. Also, if my supplier had a 5600s, which I know is a good processor for games, it would be cheaper and my supplier would not give me the difference in money or put it on my account, I would lose out, Greetings!

Motherboard diagnosis can be very subjective. The only qualified people to say for sure would be the manufacturers.

In my experience a CPU either works or it doesn’t, barring any issues with the cooler perhaps not being mounted properly, which leads to hotspots throttling, and crashes in some cases.

A defective/buggy/ motherboard OTOH, more often than not, can have issues and still be functional. I’m not saying with any degree of certainty that it’s not the CPU- it may be… but I’ve seen my fair share of bad motherboards, which drove me crazy over the years. Half of the time it is a buggy bios version.

I would first try updating the bios, or even setting the bios back to default values by removing the bios battery. But since you seem to have warranty coverage- heck let them swap your CPU, and take it from there. The minute you take it home and fire it up, you will know for sure if it happens again.

Hi Vipper. The purchase of all the components was made in a wholesale store. It went through 3 technical reviews (4 including mine), the house that sold it to me, the main house and the parent company. The problem is undoubtedly the microprocessor, something that I did not detect and I took for granted that it was the motherboard.
Something that I did not put is that the BIOS was updated to its latest version. Then, when in doubt of a failure, it was returned to the previous version and finally it was flashed again with the last one (not Beta) which is the one that corresponded and solved a known problem with AGESA and also with the virtual TPM system (for Win 11) something that was also fixed by the latest Windows updates.
I’ve been in computing for almost 40 years and I’ve NEVER seen a faulty processor, not Intel, not AMD, not even the first Cyrix I used (and that gives an idea of ​​how long I’ve been in the business).
I agree that they are usually BIOS or chipset problems (especially I distrust the X-570 a lot, this series of motherboards that include a special cooler for the chipset had me obsessed with the temperature issue. Nothing that is high-tech works well with high temperatures. However, after the 3 tests after mine and trying another Ryzen, the PC worked wonders. You see that life gives us surprises sometimes!
I chose to post this here, not due to ignorance of the technical or theoretical part of computing, I dedicate myself to this precisely, I did it because I wanted to know the performance of a different processor than the Ryzen 7 5800X (which worked wonderfully while it worked) as it is the Ryzen 9 5900X. The difference is that the first one has 8 cores 16 threads and 32 cache and the second one has 12 cores 24 threads and 64 cache, at first glance it is better although in the tests not so much (I mean "not so much as to justify spending more money.) I understand that MSFS2020 does not make heavy use of all cores at the same time and focuses more on one, hence my question was rather aimed at those who had an R9 5900X and had gone through an R7 5800X if they noticed that the change was convenient.
After having heard the official service say that they had several R7 5800X with faults, I became alert and started looking for data, it seems that it is more frequent than one thinks. I didn’t find that -I’m not saying it can’t be- with the R9 5900X so I finally paid the difference (about 68 Euros or 71 U$D) and opted for the latter. I didn’t buy the 5950 because the difference was very high and it doesn’t work for me and I don’t see any difference in the tests run with MSFS2020 either. So, I just have to wait for the equipment to be sent to me on Tuesday (it is being tested with the new CPU to rule out any problem with the new CPU) and by next weekend I will have everything assembled again.
I appreciate your time, it is always interesting to read other people and share information that could be useful to the community
Greetings from the South of Argentina!

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