Cpu / Gpu work at low / medium speed

Hello everyone, my pc:
Ryzen 9 3900Xt (Overclock 4.4)
RX 6900Xt Msi X
Ram Vengeance Rgb Pro 3200Mhz 64Gb
M.2 gigabyte Aourus

In Msfs setting Ultra, Lod 150, resolution 1080, frequence monitor 144hz (it’s wrong?)

The problem is that the CPU reaches a maximum of 4.1Ghz, about 60% of use and 65 ° of temperature.
Same thing for the GPU, maximum 1900Mhz (set in Amd Adrenalin Overlock at 2500Mhz), 60% of use and a temperature of 50/60 °.
And obviously performance suffers, for example in take-off from LIRF (Mk Studios) in cockpit (A320 Fenix) it reaches 28Fps.
Let’s say in the big Pay airports they are always on 30 / 35Fps.
How can I increase their potential and use?

Thread 6459867 of why isnt my CPU being used reply 6459840 one core is being maxed.

For the Gpu?

waiting for CPU

edit: if you want to increase GPU load increase scaling

so the advice is to have a CPU that takes advantage of the Single core more? But wasn’t Msfs based for use on multiple cores?