CPU & motherboard upgrade for smoother and clearer VR

After SU5 I noticed an improvement in fps when flying in VR, I was also able to turn off motion reprojection which is a definite visual improvement.
But I’m still getting more stuttering than I would like and I still only have render scaling set at 60% in Openxr and 80% in MSFS, and other graphics settings set at medium with a few on high.
I’m happy with how it looks over all, but I would like to get smoother performance for a more immersive feeling, and to be able to increase render scaling for a clearer image in VR.

My system currently has 32gb RAM and an RTX3070, which should be adequate. But I think the i7 7700k CPU (oc to 4.8ghz) and Rog Strix Z270-H gaming motherboard might be holding it back.
I’ve been looking at replacements and have pretty much decided on an i9 10850k CPU (considerably cheaper than an i9 10900k with marginally less specs) and an Asus prime Z490-A motherboard.
Before I go ahead and click ‘purchase’ I’d like to know from other MSFS users whether this upgrade will give a substantial increase in performance over the i7 7700k and allow me to increase render scaling too. I checked some benchmark pages but didn’t find any info specific to MSFS.
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also replaced a 7700K with a 10850K and it’s a good choice but everything depends on the price you pay… ideally the Ryzen 5800X / 5900X would perform better.
The new CPU will improve your frametime and reduce the stuttering a lot.
As for the render scaling, that depends on the GPU power only.

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hi, i see lot of talking about motion reprojection but i still don’t know what it is and mainly which setting we must change to deactivate it, can you explain where is this setting ?
i have MSFS from Store and Quest 2 with RTX3070 and Ryzen 5600X
i also changed my mother board for an MSI B550M Mortar and i get plenty of FPS, up to 75 after having moved to W11, with main settings to HIGH in MSFS, now i have everything at max, ULTRA etc… and still 20 to 30 FPS and still very smooth.
But ground and clouds are still not very clear… i would like them better, cockpit is clear enough.

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I don’t think that you can go too far wrong with either the i9 10850k or the AMD 5800X. As the poster above has already mentioned availability and price may be your deciding factor.

The AMD should run a bit cooler and uses slightly less power which could be an advantage if either your cooling or PSU is near the limit. Don’t know what PC cooling you have or what your PSU is so this may or may not be that relevant.

I think the intel has 2 more cores which could be an advantage if you are going to use the PC also for video editing or CAD. Having said that in a real world situation i’m not sure that the extra 2 cores would make that much difference.

Regarding the upgrade path of motherboards you will need a new motherboard for either the intel or AMD so not much to say in that regard. I think you will also have to upgrade your motherboard once again with a future upgrade of either CPU. The AMD motherboard for the 5800X is kind of the end of the line and won’t be any good (i don’t think) for the next gen AMD. With intel you nearly always seem to have to upgrade the MB.

On balance, I would probably go with AMD 5800X if this was the same price (inc. MB) as the intel (with MB). But the i9 10850k is still a good choice in my opinion.


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I will take a look at the prices of those Ryzen chips too and see how they compare.
I didn’t realise the render scaling would be limited by the GPU, so I may have to live with that now as I only bought the 3070 a few months ago .
But I’m looking forward to whatever improvements a new CPU will bring.
Thank you for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a Reverb G2 so I’m not familiar with the settings for the Quest. But I use an app called OpenXR which I downloaded from the Microsoft Store, it has settings to adjust render scaling and to switch motion reprojection on, off, or automatic.
From what I understand, motion reprojection draws in extra frames when fps starts to drop in VR, it helps keep motion smooth, but the down side is that it can introduce artifacts and the image quality isn’t quite as sharp.

I will have a look at the Ryzen CPUs mentioned and see how they compare with the i9 10850k
Thank you so much for the extra information :slightly_smiling_face:

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11900k, 11700k-oc, 11600k-oc, 5950X, 5900X
matching board of course

3070 is weak for VR, its an 2080ti equivalent with mutilated VRAM. VRAM rules in VR. Look for 3080ti or 3090. Dont think about sense or nonsense at this decision, it leads to nowhere. If you need the improvement now take the money and buy or stay with what you have at least until next cpu generation.

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Why u say that 3070 is not a good choice for vr ? What could be the reason ?

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My RTX 2070 Super does a pretty darn good job, but I’d give my eyeteeth for a 3070.

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Absolutely, and reading below that you have a G2, I would say that it’s 100% GPU dependent.
I had the G2 and at full resolution even my RTX 3090 struggled… I sold it before SU5 anyway, I don’t know how it would behave today.

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VR Sim Pilot on Youtube. Check him out. Essentially his entire life is perfecting the VR experience on MSFS and he has achieved desirable results. I’m to guess, if you replicate his hardware and specs, should expect the same.

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I have nearly the same setup as you…only with an i5-10400F
What does FPS counter say when you switch it on via developer mode? Are you GPU or CPU limited?

If you can hold on then do it.

Later this year Intel moves to a new socket and AMD will follow in 2022.
Intel Alder lake is presently rumoured to be 20% faster than its previous gen cpu…that’s a bigger performance leap than they have bothered with in years. (Thanks to AMD giving them some competition recently)

Both Intel and AMD shift to DDR5 with their next generation and also introduce a number of i/o bandwidth increases.

All of this is a bigger jump than a simple mobo/CPU upgrade. New CPU, new mobo, new ram.
It also means making the “early adopter” gamble

But 20% performance increase over their latest gen CPU + all the ddr5 and storage bandwidth increases actually starts looking like the sort of platform that can really take advantage of demanding titles like MSFS2020

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I upgraded my i7-6700k with an i9-10850k, & at the same time I upgraded my motherboard with MSI MEG Z490 ACE.

The difference is out of this world! The performance I gained in flight simulator was incredible, & I was also surprised, as the in-game FPS counter was always stating ‘Limited by GPU’.

The difference between the i9-10900k & the 10850k is negligible.

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Thank you so much, that is really encouraging to hear that! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m on a very tight budget, so this is a big decision. But I do get a lot of enjoyment from MSFS, so it’s good to know it will be worth the expense, especially after spending so much on the the 3070 and the G2 earlier this year!

3070 is, crippled in ram with 8gb of gddr6, an outdated technology. At the moment, when msfs is amputated in its ram usage to fit the specs of the xbox, this make no difference at the cost of degraded gfx but if you let run a 3080ti or an 3090 run free they will pulverize an 3070.

Its like have an fiat running against an ferrari, in a city they like to perform equally but dont let them out on an raceway. The limiting factor is not the car, its the environment.

That’s okay … Im not expecting to fly over NY at 250kt in a complex airliner with steady 60fps and all settings on Ultra!
Im happy with my graphics settings on medium-high. I just want to upgrade the old CPU to something that is a closer match with my GPU so I can have less stutters and higher frames than what I currently have, and maybe turn up the render scaling a bit more than where it is now, while I fly my BN2 over the countryside at 130kt!
The 3070 was a big expense for me, I definitely can’t afford to replace it with anything more powerful now.
Thank you for your reply :slightly_smiling_face:


interesting, so now with my AMD 5600X, a 3090 could be in a far better position ? or a 3080Ti ?
its a fact that i see the 3070 at 100% all the time… even VR stopped, just MSFS opened… bit strange

I’d bet the best money spent is money put into the video card more than the processor when you are dealing with VR. I bought an MSI 3080 TI recently and it’s expensive but fantastic in VR. I originally bought an HP Omen with a 3080 and a 10850k and it did good too (for sale if anyone is in NC). Shortly after I bought the Omen I said heck with it and just upgraded the heck out of my custom pc. Went 11900k, 64gb RAM, SSD, MSI 3080ti. VR life with my Reverb G2 is good now…just expensive!

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