I have a Ryzen 3 3300x and a GTX 1660super
If I want to get better graphics/FPS what should I do? Get a Ryzen 7 or a better GPU?


There’s probably too many factors beyond CPU and GPU to give you a definitive answer.

Best option is to enable Dev Mode and turn on the FPS counter. It will tell you what you’re limited by. Whichever limitation you see the most is what you need to upgrade.

The reply above has explain this well but the first thing I would certainly invest in a better CPU. Lot easier to replace the GPU later assuming you have a good PSU.

I tend to agree with that, provided we’re chasing FS2020 performance specifically. In fact, I’ve got a bug in the back of my mind that when Intel gets their 11th Gen desktop stuff shipping (which should be Q1 2020), I might think about thinking about looking at the i7 version of that.

I’ve been stuck on the 6-core thing because games historically don’t use more than that (which was and IS true), but some higher clocks, higher IPC, and a couple of extra cores so I don’t have to worry so much about background tasks has me tempted to be tempted. And that’s to replace (maybe) a relatively new i5-10600K that’s actually working really well.

Well, except that whole “main thread” thing. DX12 should help with that, too, as well as taking advantage of more than 6 cores in general. I just hope we don’t have to wait for “Summer 2021” to see that, as it was always supposed to be concurrent with the XBox release. Which I suspect they wanted for xmas 2020, but just felt like it wasn’t ready for whatever reason(s).

But we’ll see what happens when they’re not just vaporware, and what my wallet (and more importantly, mi esposa) says. Plus, I’m REALLY not looking forward to uninstalling and reinstalling my cooler, that was a pain in the a$$. But, I’d probably do a better job of it this time around and get even better cooling than what I’ve got, which is pretty damm good as it is.

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