CPU tanks when enabling VR for Quest 2 over Link

Everything runs fine in Desktop mode at 4K. As soon as I switch to VR, CPU instantly goes from ~10ms to ~27ms and makes everything a stuttery mess. Disabling all Data, Traffic, and lowering all graphics settings makes almost no difference at all. I’m at a loss…

• This happens when using the Oculus or SteamVR runtime. I have tried Link and Airlink
• I didn’t change any settings inside NVidia Control Panel except max framerate (60), but even setting app controlled didn’t make a difference

RTX 3080Ti

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

VR adds the requirement to calculate and display a second 3D view in order to present a stereo view which generally cuts the nonVR frame time (FPS) in half plus there is additional processing to encode the image for the Oculus Link/Airlink. Because you have a 3080ti, you are probably fine on the GPU side of things. What you will have to try is to get the FPS during VR to be one-half of your chosen update rate - 72(36),80(40), or 90(45) - by lowering your graphic settings in order to get a fairly smooth image. You could try the OpenXR toolkit discussed in the General thread of this forum - it does some image processing and upscaling to get a smoother image. Finally, some of us also turn on ASW which can make a smoother image out the side windows by interpolating intermediate frames - but at the cost of some distortion of the image.

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@Tineras how is the connection (link cable, air link) when you are not using msfs? is the desktop view acceptable fps/smooth? have u tried a different game? if not try 1 and see if the problem is limited to msfs.