CPU Usage down to 20%

I saw another post about the low CPU usage in VR. I have 16 cores and while flying thru Nashville with my INDEX, I am only seeing 10-30% usage on all the cores. I think core 3 had a tad more but the rest were really low.
My frame rates are still stuttering a bit when you look left or right. I’ve tried 24, 30,45 etc on the PER GAME settings inside SteamVR. I got a bottleneck somewhere or it is my settings. Your thoughts?

Same effect described in a post i opened regarding planes using EFIS systems.
I can fly little planes without EFIS @90 fps with my setting, smooth in all conditions, but getting into any EFIS plane, i get stutter when banking and looking over the wing. GPU and CPU shows nothing unusual that would indicate a bottleneck, but somehow EFIS cost a lot more (CPU?) resources, without showing in the usage graphs.
This stutter without showing in the graphs, also occurs in other sims when large AI activity is involved.
IL2 and DCS both show 90fps in their internal fps counters, while stuttering in the 10-20fps range.
In other words, the graphs seem not to show all CPU usage.

Is MSFS2020 CPU bound like the old FSX? Didn’t use much of the video card.

Bottleneck is Graphics Card.

Check this during VR. It’s always 100%


In my case, it not. GPU is well bellow 100%, and it doesnt make a difference if i lower SS settings.

did you check Graphics_1 tab? Not 3D.

Just checked, my Graphic _1 is just some single digit percentage, and it barly changes. And again checked planes back to back. EFIS plane has about 7% higher load on GPU, still, if i lower settings so it runs at about 95% max GPU, still stutter, where the non EFIS plane @98% is smooth.
I stay with CPU as the main bottleneck.

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