Crash after Active Pause

After un-pausing active pause, prop plane went into a dive and crashed into a mountain before I could recover…unsatisfying result.

Is there a reason active pause does not resume exactly where one leaves off?

I’m no expert here (Noob alert), was your AP or ILS on when you left the session?

Yesterday, I exited (canceled IRS) out of an ILS session and the plane tried to auger me in. Could this be a trim issue that real pilots learn how to deal with when the AP has drastically modified trim?

This is just a guess on my part.

Had that too. Short pauses work, long pauses don’t. I think it has to do something with the AP and the periphal devices. Try to disable AP short before going into a pause. And enable it right after.

OK, sounds like you’re both saying it’s to do with AP…will try disconnecting AP first and see what happens.

The active pause is not a very good thing. If the AP is in use then it will continue to make real time adjustments while paused and when you come back they all manifest instantly… all trim adjustments, etc. You are better off making a keybind to the actual pause and another for the actual un-pause. This is supposed pause the aircraft as one would expect but allows the rest of the sim continue… traffic, weather, time.

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Active pause is a weird feature which I don’t really understand.

Basically, while you’re paused, the simulation continues, which means your speed continues to go up and down depending on your flight attitude and throttle.

That means that you may suddenly find yourself in a stall after unpausing.

I just use ESC to pause fully instead.

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Active pause is one of those head scratchers for me. It has never worked as expected, and more often than not crashes the software.

I’ve quit using it.

I’ve had the same issue where after un-pause the autopilot is completely trashed. Disconnecting the autopilot allows me to continue the flight, but re-engaging the autopilot immediately sends the plane back into bonkers land.